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November 5, 2009 09:00 PM
US Youth Soccer Club Directory [link]
Be seen by those looking for soccer anytime on

We've just updated the highly successful online Club Directory to include Google Map functionality on In an effort to assist those seeking US Youth Soccer programs in their area or maybe an area that they'll be moving to in the future, the directory provides 24-hour access to US Youth Soccer club, league and association searches via 

You can also add your tryout and playing field information too!  No charge, just a benefit of being a member of US Youth Soccer.

Learn more about soccer in your area via your US Youth Soccer State Association, another great source to find a soccer programming near you and learn more about the game.

Leaders don't delay, register with and upload your club information and don't forget to include your tryout info and playing field location.  

If you're looking for great content on your club Web site, get the US Youth Soccer Newswire on your club Web site [link].



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