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Responsible Sports Day

August 31, 2009 10:00 PM
Today (September 7, 2010), in conjunction with the national Youth Soccer Month celebration, is "Responsible Sports Day." US Youth Soccer, in partnership with the Liberty Mutual Responsible Sports program, is celebrating responsibility in youth sports! We're dedicated to championing youth sport parents and coaches who help our children succeed on and off the soccer field.
Responsible Sports, together with our partner US Youth Soccer, is happy to provide youth soccer organizations a simple and easy way to earn one of the twenty $2,500 grants available this Fall 2009, beginning September 1. Join the 25 soccer organizations who have earned $2,500. Get started today!
Responsible Sport Parents are at the cornerstone of youth athletes' lives. Parents provide important support and guidance that can help fulfill their athletes sports dreams. Responsible Sports provides resources, tools, peer and expert advice for parents. Below, find a sample of the resources we offer that are developed specifically for you:
Responsible Coaches take on the challenge of helping kids apply the lessons learned on the field to lessons in life. Kids who play sports like soccer learn the life lessons of leadership, perseverance, overcoming adversity and functioning as a productive team member. Check out some of the many resources we have created for coaches of youth athletes:
To learn more about Responsible Sports, $2,500 grant opportunities, and youth sport parent and coach resources, visit ResponsibleSpo​ today!



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