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Shenck, Horton honored in Indianapolis

December 31, 2003 09:00 PM
US Youth Soccer’s Board of Directors recently announced the recipients of the 2002 US Youth Soccer adidas Coach of the Year awards at the 2003 US Youth Soccer Workshop and Coaches Convention at the Indianapolis Convention Center & RCA Dome.

Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association’s Nevin Shenck was named the adidas Girls’ Coach of the Year award, while Ohio South Youth Soccer Association’s Tim Horton received the adidas Boys’ Coach of the Year honor.

For more than 15 years, Shenck, who resides in Etters, Penn., has instilled his passion for soccer into his players while also teaching them to strive for success in every aspect of their lives whether it be in another sport, the school orchestra, a job, homework, etc.

His involvement with the Redland Soccer Club goes beyond just coaching as he helped establish the Redland Summer Classic, one of the premier tournaments on the East Coast. The annual event attracts more than 150 teams, and helped generate funds to establish and build the 28-acre Redland Soccer Complex.

Shenck was also instrumental in developing and initiating a middle school soccer program for the West Shore School District, and has even organized a team trip to Wolverhampton, England, so his U-19 Redland Strikers could gain experience from international competition.

Horton achieves his goal of developing well-rounded athletes capable of balancing "sports and competitiveness and the players other life experiences" whether it is by simply sharing a soccer article with his Ohio FC Mutiny team or enrolling his players in African dance lessons to improve their balance, timing, rhythm and foot skills.

"Every player on the team knows Coach’s priorities - family, academics, and then soccer," said William J. Barson, a parent of one of Horton’s players. "This soccer team is more like a big family both on and off the field. Coach Tim is always there – visiting a player’s mother in the hospital, going to watch a player’s older brother’s collegiate soccer game, etc. As a parent, I feel extremely fortunate to have Coach Tim coaching my son.

A native of New Albany, Ohio, and a former U.S. Youth National Team player who came from the US Youth Soccer system, Horton has served as a goodwill ambassador for soccer. Besides having the opportunity to coach some of youth soccer’s more privileged, Horton has helped bring soccer to children of less fortunate families by establishing and directing the New Destiny Soccer Club for urban youth.

Recipients of the adidas Coach of the Year award are selected by the US Youth Soccer Board of Directors on the basis of sportsmanship, player development, personal coaching development, and community involvement (citizenship).




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