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Coaching Education

December 31, 2003 09:00 PM

US Youth Soccer offers a number of resources for coaches.  Be sure to review the Related Topics on the left side of the website and read through the list below of coaching education events and services:

US Youth Soccer adidas Workshop and Coaches Convention [link] is the largest youth soccer coaching convention in the United States, offers a wide range of topics for the novice to the experienced youth coach. Guest presenters have included Aime Jacquet, Jurgen Klinsmann, Steve Sampson, April Heinrichs, John Ellinger and Tony DiCicco.

Publications [link]- From coaching books, videos and CD ROMs to free brochures, US Youth Soccer has a great selection of materials for youth soccer programs. Materials available include our "Official Coaching Manual", the best selling "Parent/Coach Primer" and "Assistant Coach Series" and the first CD Rom series designed specifically for U6-U12 coaches.

Coaching Courses- approved by the USSF, are provided by each of our fifty-five member State Associations. Courses are available for beginning to advanced coaches - from age appropriate State Youth Coaching Modules to the National "C" License and the National Youth License, the most important coaching course in the nation. For a schedule of coaching courses in your area contact your State Association. The schedule for the National Youth License offerings appears below.

The Novice Coach DVD [link]- With the release of “The Novice Coach,” US Youth Soccer furthers its commitment to fostering the mental and physical growth of its players and coaches. The Coaching Education Department, in conjunction with our Recreation and Coaching committees, are proud to provide a teaching tool to adults to assist them in providing positive learning environment for our children. “The Novice Coach” DVD will show all coaches, with varying levels of experience, how to appropriately facilitate a child’s soccer learning experience.

Positive Parenting for Youth Soccer DVD [link]- The US Youth Soccer Coaching Education Department has created this view from the sidelines in an effort to create a positive learning environment for young soccer players. This presentation provides a unique blend of psychology/philosophy and interviews with children of various ages. This video provides insight on: why children play, teaching sportsmanship by example, supporting coaches and other volunteers, developing vs. winning, listening- what you don’t hear speaks volumes, and keeping it all in perspective.

Coaches Connection [link] - Established to educate and further the flow of information between coaches across the nation, the Coaches Connection connects you to the US Youth Soccer Coaching Education Network. The Coaches Connection is open to anyone, including coaches, parents, referees and administrators. Get connected with leaders in the field of coaching and player development and referee education. Stay current with discussions on such hot topics as small-sided games, recreation and competitive soccer, parent education, ethics and morals in sport, nutrition, fitness, sports medicine and much more!

National Youth License [link] - The National Youth License, a U.S. Soccer course, focuses upon the nature of children and the adjustments adults must make to coach them. The course curriculum covers the ages of 4-12 years old. Each day of the course, the focus is upon one of the traditional soccer age groups of U6, U8, U10 or U12. Each day, children of the appropriate age group are brought to the course site for the candidates to work with them in a practice training session. The candidates are videotaped while coaching the kids and the video is reviewed with each candidate to aid in the education of the coach. The course combines both classroom (theory) and field (practical) sessions. The course concludes with written, oral and practical examinations. The National Youth License course is six days in length, sometimes being held over two weekends rather than six days in a row. It is ideal for anyone hoping to become a better and more effective coach.

Assistance to State Associations and their member leagues and clubs is available from our Coaching Department: State or local Workshop sessions are available for implementing the Small-Sided Game, Recreational Soccer, Soccer Start, Coaching Players with Disabilities, Kohl’s American Cup and more!

For more information on coaching services e-mail the Coaching Department at or call 1-800-4SOCCER.




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