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Innovative Strengthening Ideas

December 31, 2003 09:00 PM
Some of you might say, "I don't have access to weight-training facilities."
If that's the case, you may have to be more innovative to secure a similiar benefit to what you felt you needed or wanted from weight training.
The following are a few ways you can strength-train away from your team without any devices.
You can always do sit-ups and push-ups. Do as many as you can of each. Rest and repeat. Sit-ups and trunk exercises are important to develop your core and you do not need a weight room.
For explosive leg training, you can do a series of jumps: Jump over a box or some other barrier. Do sets front to back, and side to side. Another great exercise is where you start in a squat with the ball, then jump up and reach the ball as high as you can while you jump as high as you can. Go back down and repeat.
Other "jumps" can also improve your leg strength such as V-jumps, tuck jumps, and split leap jumps. Sets of one-legged hops, or double leg jumps. Excellent for your calf muscles and quadriceps.
Biking on a hilly course or running a hilly course can develop leg strength. Jumping rope is a good cardiovascular as well as local muscled endurance and quickness workout. Step-ups, lunges, and other body weight-resistance activities can be done to create a strength work-out. Coervers done for explosiveness can also help serve as an alternative for lower-body weight training, change of direction, and agility.
Running stadium stairs is good for leg power. You can run on each step or every other step. You can use rubber tubing to do all kinds of upper and lower body strength work.
Wall sits are great for your quadriceps. This is where you sit with your back against the wall and your legs out at a ninety-degree angle. Do it for as long as you can hold it, maybe starting out at thirty seconds. With time and practice, you will feel your legs get stronger and be able to hold the sitting position for longer and longer periods. Then, try resting and repeating it.
Be creative!



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