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Kick Ball

December 31, 2003 09:00 PM
Well, it's not exactly kick ball because normal kick ball would train very little, except for maybe long defensive clears!
Play on a baseball or softball field, or make your own field with the three bases and a home plate. There needs to be a goal, either a big one, or one made of cones that is just behind home plate and faces the field of play. Have two teams, anywhere from 6-11 players on each. Begin with the "pitcher" kicking a nice easy inside of the foot push pass to the "batter" who kicks it and tries to run around the bases.
The team in the field must trap the ball, then pass the ball 4 times (never back and forth to the same two players), then shoot into the goal. Dribbling is allowed, although the key is passing. If the "batter" runs all the way around the bases before the goal is scored it is a "run." If the goal is scored first, it's an "out". After three outs, the teams switch roles.
You can add all kinds of variables. The better the players, the more passes it should be before a goal is scored. You can add some limitations to scoring by requiring it to be outside of, say, 15 yards. You can also have one of the batting team's players jump in the goal as a goalie. Or you can mix the "pitches" up with bouncing balls or even throw-ins - these could be played two touch by the batter, a trap then a kick. Enjoy!



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