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MLS Players Pass Along Advice

December 31, 2003 09:00 PM
American soccer needs to look to its heroes. Check out some thoughts from these Major League Soccer (MLS) stars who want to help you get to the next level.
Preki (Kansas City Wizards, 1997 MLS MVP, scored for the US to beat Brazil)
For young players: They must work on everything, the total game. I hope that they enjoy it and that they respect it.
For Goal Scorers in a Slump:
Just keep plugging away - chances will come and you must be ready!
Robert Warzycha (Columbus Crew, previously in the English Premier League)
For young players:
More work with the ball. Fitness everyone can get, it's the skill and technique that matter. When I was young, I was never told to work harder.
Roberto Donadoni (now with Italy's AC Milan, formerly with New York MetroStars)
For young, aspiring players:
It's all about concentration, keeping your mind in the game so you can react quickly to each situation.
For coaches:
I think good coaches teach and give their players the freedom to improve.
John Harkes (DC United, 1990 and 1994 US World Cup Team)
For the youth game:
I think we have the skill. We need to do a better job at translating what we do in training sessions to the match pitch. There is often a gap there. Reading the game is always a priority, especially during match intensity.
On dealing with pressure:
It comes with time and experience. It's still there. I try to focus, breathe, relax. Deep breathing helps me out.
Carey Talley (DC United)
On why he plays the game:
I just love to play. I love the flow of play and how the game never stops. You are dependent on knowing what the other players are going to do.



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