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Perfecting corner kicks

December 31, 2003 09:00 PM
Corner kicks are a vital part of any game, as often times they will end up in the back of the net.
National Team outside midfielder Shannon MacMillan is dangerous on corners, and she possesses one of the hardest driven shots in the game.
North Carolina flank midfielder Jena Kluegel, who was second in the nation last season with 23 assists in 24 games, tallied most of those assists off her corners.
Fellow Tar Heel Catherine Reddick sets up to take corner kicks on the right side for UNC.
Here, she offers up a few tips to improve the technique of striking an effective ball from the corner flag.
According to Reddick, the first thing to concentrate on is long ball service.
"Definitely work on your long balls first," she said. "Get the proper form down, and start practicing it."
Once a player's comfortable with her long ball service, then she can begin focusing on the art of taking corners.
"After you get (long balls) down, then you can start working on bending the ball," she said. "Work on hitting it with the inside and outside of your foot, because you want to bend it somehow. Bend it out or in, because if you hit a straight ball, it's a lot harder to get it in.
"First long ball service, and then after that, get your bending balls up and in the air, and you've got the corner right there."
Finally, when setting up to take that corner, Reddick points out one final bit of advice.
"Know where your keeper is, and know where your best headers are. If you know where they are, a lot of times it just might go in.




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