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Players Pass Along their Tips! #3

December 31, 2003 09:00 PM
Age: 14
Swedesboro, NJ
Favorite Team: Colorado Rapids
A great way to train is to stretch, then to loosen up with a little jog. Then into sprints, then loosen up again how you like (not sitting down and getting a drink). Then you are ready for practice or a game. Remember -- Don't pig out before a game.
Age: 14
Mt. Carmel, IL
Favorite Team: AC Milan
As a striker you should be always moving and trying to confuse the defenders. One of the best ways to do this is to switch places with your fellow strikers periodically throughout the game. This will get you in a better position to help your team.
Age: 18
Livermore, CA
Favorite Team: Argentina
Keeping players' vision downfield, not at the ground:
When you see the ball coming, anticipate. Look upfield and see what opportunities you have to move the ball. When the ball does come, use your trapping skills to push the ball in the direction you have already planned. This forward action usually sets up a play faster and puts you a step ahead of the defense.
Age: 12
Traverse City, MI
Since soccer is a team sport, everyone should play like a team. And since you are running around in the game you really should stay fit and healthy. Plus if you really enjoy playing this sport, try to play it all that you can (if it's available in your town, play indoor AND outdoor soccer)!!!
Age: 13
Rainier, WA
Favorite Team: U.S. men's soccer team
The one big thing that I would give as a tip to someone else is you have to trust your teammates. Many kids (well actually teenagers) like to be the best on the team often trying to win the game by her/himself. That won't work. One person cannot carry the whole team on their back (not literally). That is why passing with someone and learning ways to give and go are good techniques to know.
Age: 16
San Elizario, Texas
Favorite Team: Liverpool
1.You always have to work as a team. If not, you won't be succesful in your games.
2.If you can't play and you would like to, there is always a chance. If you are not on a team that is good, you can join a team and be more succesfull in your playing.
Age: 15
Algonquin, Illinois
Favorite Team: Chicago Magic
I think one of the most important aspects of soccer is the training you do that builds up to the big games and tournaments. Always train as hard as you possibly can and as often as you can because it will make the game a lot easier for you come game time. Work heavily on BALL SKILLS and FITNESS! Fitness is extremely important and by not being in shape you are actually hurting your team more than anyone else!! And working on your ball skills heavily on a daily basis will allow you to compete with the best players there are (in time)!!!!
Age: 17
Park City, Utah
Favorite Team: Bayern Munich
Running into open space is a very important part of the game of soccer. If you don't run into that open space you can't get open, and then you can't score goals!
Once you make a pass (a good one of course) make a run into open space, then rest when the time is right - which is never after giving a pass! If you do this you will become wide open on the field and be more able to score like a mad man, or woman!



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