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Several Scoring Chances for All Stars

May 23, 2004 10:00 PM

By Joe Madero

Today (May 25th) the US Youth Soccer ODP Boys adidas ’89 All Stars (All Stars) took the field against Borussia Dortmund Yellow Jackets.  After the opening whistle blew, the All Stars moved to create several goal scoring opportunities, a theme that would be constant throughout the match. 

The first chance was cut short as Perica Marosevic (Rockford, IL) created a breakaway, pushed the ball past an on rushing Dortmund keeper only to be upended in the penalty area without a call from the referee.  In the 23rd minute Dortmund caught the All Star’s defense napping and tucked away the first goal of the game, the 1:0 score holding until the halftime whistle.

In the second half the All Stars again took control of the midfield through inspired play from Lucas Swertloff (Brooklyn, NY) and National Residency player Cesar Nunez (Gurnee, IL) only to squander several good chances to tie the game. 

Goalie Brian Perk (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) parried away several good chances from Dortmund players, and the rest of the defense, led by Anthony Wallace (St. Petersburg, FL) held the Yellow Jackets at bay the remainder of the game.  The All Star’s dominance finally paid off in the 65th minute when Perica Marosevic latched onto a cross from Rafael Martinez (Portage, IN) and tucked the ball into the right corner of the net to even the score at 1:1.

At the end of play both teams walked off the field with the score tied at one apiece. 

Tomorrow, May 26th, All Stars travel to Schalke 04 for their third consecutive game during their European tour, to be followed by attending the Champions Leagues Finale between AS Monaco and FC Porto.

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