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December 31, 2003 09:00 PM

Below are the 2004 participants of the US Youth Soccer National League Director’s Cup, presented by adidas:

Under 14 Girls
Vista Hotshots (VA)
Carmel Crusaders (IN)
CASL Spartan United (NC)
Lightning (FL)
FC Pride (IN)

Under 14 Boys
New Hampshire Stars (NH)
NJ United Barracudas (NJ)
Ashburn Rangers (VA)
Teams Boca (FL)
Indy Burn (IN)

Under 15 Girls
Hibernian (NJ)
Excell of WBL (MN)
Bay United Sharks (FL)
Greensboro Storm (NC)

Under 15 Boys Premier
Midstate United (RI)
CUSC Cosmos (IN)
Manhattan Thunder (E-NY)

Under 15 Boys Division I
Westside United (IN)
Twisters (S-TX)
CUP (OS)    

Under 16 Girls
Capital United (E-NY)
Carmel Craze (IN)
Challenge Advantage (S-TX)
Wave FC (FL)

Under 16 Boys Premier
FC Delco Crush (E-PA)
Yahara (WI)
Howell Hammer (NJ)
FC Pride (IN)

Under 16 Boys Division I
Team America Premier (VA)
Rockford United (IL)
OCSA Coastal Crew (NC)
America's United (NJ)

Under 17 Girls
Pride FC (IN)
Clay City United (FL)
Texans Red (N-TX)
Braddock Road (VA)
Medford Strikers (NJ)

Under 17 Boys Premier
NJ Rangers (NJ)
Javanon (KY)
FC Leeds (E-PA)
Raptors (IL)

Under 17 Boys Division I
Bronx Reggae Boys (E-NY)
Westside United (IN)
Sundevils (S-TX)
Strikers (NC)

Under 18 Girls
Vista (VA)
Team Chicago (IL)
West Pasco (FL)
Fayetteville (NC)

Under 18 Boys
Pittsgrove FC (NJ)
NWI United (IN)
Cocoa Expo (FL)
Louisville Alliance (KY)
Den of Lions (NJ)
Javanon (KY)




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