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Show Your Support of Youth Soccer Month

August 2, 2007 10:00 PM
(FRISCO, Texas) August 3, 2007 - In September 2007, the National Youth Soccer Month campaign celebrates its fifth year of educating the public about the joys, rewards and benefits of playing youth soccer, and offers a variety of resources to learn more about youth soccer and how to get involved.
We hope you and your organization will join us in September and all year as we reach out to the millions of soccer enthusiasts throughout the United States with our messages about youth soccer and the many advantages of the sport.
We hope that you will choose a unique way to celebrate soccer in September and spread the message about your positive experiences. By taking part, you can play an active role in communicating the benefits of youth soccer across America.
Raise awareness of Youth Soccer and the benefits of playing the game.

Emphasize soccer as the number one youth participation sport in America and a leading contributor to the healthy lifestyle of millions of American families.

Bring kids and families of all ages and all abilities together for fun, friendship and fitness.

Highlight the various programs available to children interested in participating in soccer, including inner city, special needs, recreational and elite soccer programs.

The four messages of Youth Soccer Month are:
· Fitness: The health and fitness (physical, psychological and social) benefits of playing soccer.
· Friendship: The relationships and fun generated through playing soccer and their extension beyond the field.
· Family: Playing soccer ties families together as schedules, vacations and family time are coordinated.
· Fun: Whether recreational or competitive in nature, involvement in soccer is easy, affordable and rewarding.
Anyone can spread the message about his or her positive experience with youth soccer. Youth Soccer Month celebrations can be found at soccer practices and tournaments, businesses, nonprofit and community centers, shopping malls, schools, private homes, just about anywhere that kids who play soccer and those involved may gather. People who organize Youth Soccer Month Celebrations are people like yourself: soccer volunteers and administrators, parents, coaches, players, anyone who wants to celebrate our sport.
Show your support by adding the Youth Soccer Month logo to your web site and outgoing emails. Link the Youth Soccer Month logo to to educate others on how to get involved and celebrate Youth Soccer in their own unique way. Various formats of the Youth Soccer Month logo are available for download on the web site.
We want to hear how people participate in Youth Soccer Month this year. Click here to tell us how you will get involved and celebrate Youth Soccer in America. Be sure to visit often during September to see what's going on across the country.
Get Involved and Celebrate Youth Soccer in September!



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