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Youth Soccer Month is Here!

August 31, 2005 10:00 PM



Youth Soccer Month has kicked off!

Youth Soccer Month is here and there are a number of events scheduled to Celebrate Soccer in America this September.

In addition to the events, almost twenty states have officially proclaimed Youth Soccer Month, as 16 states have sent proclamations from their respective elected leadership.  More proclamations are expected as Youth Soccer Month begins.
A number of collegiate soccer matches will Celebrate Soccer this September, 28 colleges and universities will host over 50 events from coast to coast.  A number of free Youth Soccer Month clinics will also Celebrate Soccer this September by providing free training to local youth. 
If that wasn’t enough, lookout for the Youth Soccer Month WebDecoder Contest where you could win a trip to the 2005 MLS Cup at the new home of FC Dallas, US Youth Soccer and North Texas State Soccer - Pizza Hut Park. More information will be available soon!

Continue to check back with for more on the above and for the latest information on Youth Soccer Month – Celebrating Soccer in America this September.




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