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Day One - US Youth Soccer ODP Girls Thanksgiving Interregional

November 21, 2004 09:00 PM
Report courtesy of Sheldon Shealer, Student Sports

Game 1: 1988 Region IV 1, 1988 Region III 0
Christina Hagner’s first-half goal stood as Region IV won the opening match at the US Youth Soccer ODP Girls Thanksgiving Interregional at Florida Atlantic University.

Game 2: U.S. Under-16 0, 1987 Region I 0

It was not the outcome Region I desired, but it was acceptable. The under-16 national team held the under-17 Region I team scoreless in an evenly played match.

Region I held most of the play in the first half, but the second half belonged to the under-16 side as it created more chances, more corners, more free kicks.

“We wanted to keep it simple today … and build some confidence … and be as organized as we can be on defense,” coach Sue …. said.

For the under-16s, keeper Alyssa Naeher was solid for 90 mintues. Forwards Jess McDonald (#14), Ashley Moore (#11) and Kelly O’Hara (#17) kept pressure on the Region I defense in the second half.

“I think our group is strong enough that if we played a little more aggressively, we could win that game,” Region I coach Tom Hayes.

Standout players for Region I were Ally Long (#11), a central defender who closed down several plays, Keeper Erin Guthrie, who came up with two outstanding saves to preserve the shutout, and defender Cailin Colfer (#2).

Game 3: 1988 Region 1 1, 1988 Region II 0

It was a game of two halves … but only one goal, that belonging to Region I.

Meghan Klingenberg (#5) second-half score, assisted by Kristin Stannard (#7), led the team to victory.

“We controlled a majority of the first half … we had chances, but we didn’t finish them,” Region II coach Mike Moynihan said. “They took it to us pretty well in the second half. We struggled in the midfield to contain.”

Region II’s struggles led to Stannard getting free along the right wing. “All I remember was running as fast as I could,” she said. Stannard sent a cross to Klingenberg, who tapped the ball into the net.

Region I’s good fortune came after a halftime adjustment.

“At first I thought we were kind of panicked, but we settled down started playing to feet, possession, and after we started possessing we got the goal,” Klingenberg said.

Region II’s best chance was an Annie Yi (#17) shot that hit the post in the first half.

“We went with two equal lineup in two halves instead of start a stronger lineup, and in fairness, some girls really stepped up,” Region I coach John Daly said.

Daly was impressed by the play of forwards Gina DeMaio (#3) and Gina DiMartino (#2).

Game 4: 1987 Region III 2, 1987 Region IV 1

Region III took a 2-0 lead on goals by Laura Grace Robinson (#15) and Kristie McDonald (#11), then held on for the victory.

Region IV’s Kristina Loucks (#12) scored to close the game to 2-1 and the team kept up the pressure, but Region III’s defense held strong.

“The back four did excellent job preventing the West from getting in, like they usually do,” Region III coach Patrick Baker said. The defense was anchored by Betsy Frederick (#6) and Molly Johnson (#10). Perhaps the best player on the field ws Caitlin Miskel (#12), a local product who attends nearby St. Thomas Aquinas.

Region IV coach Tara Erickson was taking notes all game long as she was getting her first real look at the team.

“We weren’t fortunate to have any training time in the summer,“ she said. “We just had to pick a team and we haven’t seen them since. This is like our evaluation time.”

Standout players for Region IV were Loucks, Ashley Nick (#14) and Maryhelen Tomer (#16).

First Day Standings:


Region III: 1-0
Region I: 0-0*
Region II: 0-0*
Region IV: 0-1

* Played matches outside the region


Region I: 1-0
Region IV: 1-0
Region II: 0-1
Region III: 0-1


Region I: 0-0
Region II: 0-0
Region III: 0-0
Region IV: 0-0


Region I: 0-0
Region II: 0-0
Region III: 0-0
Region IV: 0-0




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