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Wednesday’s US Youth Soccer ODP Girls play turns offensive

November 23, 2004 09:00 PM
It was certainly a day for the offense.

Every team scored in the four matches played in constantly changing weather Wednesday morning at the US Youth Soccer ODP Girls Thanksgiving Interregional in Boca Raton, Fla. Three matches ended 2-1 and the other finished 3-1. The offensive production Wednesday was in contrast to the defensive tone established the first two days of the event when seven of nine matches ended in shutouts. Following two days of hot weather, Wednesday’s action started in windy and overcast conditions and proceeded through a rain shower before becoming stifling hot, followed yet by a second rain storm.

1987 Region I 3, 1987 Region II 1

Brittany Taylor demonstrated her breakaway finishing skills, slotting a shot past the Region II keeper to ignite Region I’s victory.

Taylor received a pass behind the Region II defense and only had the keeper to beat after a 10-yard run. The Connecticut- bound forward made no mistake, completing the play.

Ashley Myers and Elisabeth Redmond followed with goals as Region I built 3-0 lead.

“We played a 3-5-2 and we have great flank play so we wanted to spread out and take advantage of them to get the forwards through,” Region I coach Tom Hayes said. “It really worked well.”

Region I’s trio of backs Caroline Walden, Vanessa Patry and Sarah Senty locked down Region II’s powerful offense.

Elizabeth Eng scored in the second half as Region II was able to avoid the shutout.

“Defensively, we did OK. They had four dangerous opportunities and three of them were the exact same thing where we got caught flat and took their finishes well,” Region II coach Woody Sherwood said.

1988 Region 1 2, 1988 Region III 1

Region I posted a painful win over Region III.

Trailing 1-0 midway through the second half, Region I earned a penalty kick when Meghan Klingenberg was taken down in the box. She sustained a broken right wrist, according to the trainer, on the play.

Kelly Eagan finished the penalty kick, and just a matter of minutes later Rebecca Edwards made a nice turn on a failed clearance and delivered the game-winning score.

“To be honest, I thought we deserved it the whole game long,” Region I coach John Daly said of the result.

Midfielder Carolyn Blank, defender Lauren Ebert and forward Gina DiMartino showed well.

Lindsay Lum finished a well-played thru-ball from Allyson Sadow to give Region III a 1-0 lead in the first half.

“We came out of the half in good position, being 1-0 up,” said Region III coach Derek Leader. “But in the second half everything changed and 15 minutes into the half they push numbers and we were struggling. The penalty changed the game. … Two goals in that short of time. I think they just wanted it more than us.”

Kendall Campise, Amanda Carreno, Kaley Fountain and Gabby Rivera played well for Region III.

U.S. Under-16 2, 1987 Region IV 1

Not to be outdone by the under-16 national team players, Region IV’s Ameera Abdullah, an under-17 national team player, netted a brilliant, left-footed far post goal, yet it was the only offense her team could muster.

The under-16s took a 2-0 lead before Abdullah’s strike.

“The intent was to get it far post,” said Abdullah, who was playing on the left side before taking it upon herself to move to the right side of the field where she created the chance. “It was sort of under me so I had to chip it up a little bit.”

“That was a great goal,” Region IV coach Tara Erickson said. “She created that herself and made it a perfect chance.”

Forwards Kristina Loucks, Maryhelen Tomer, Kelly Isleib and midfielder Ashley Nick played well for Region IV.

1988 Region IV 2, 1988 Region II 1

Kendra Chandhoke capped a high-scoring first half, lifting Region IV to a 2-1 lead that held up through the second half.

Region II had a flurry of chances at the end of the match, but could not convert.

“Both teams had their chances,” Region II coach Mike Moynihan said. “They finished theirs and we didn’t. … We were good in spurts, again. We had all those chances in the end where we could have equalized.”

Region II’s Annie Yi scored on an assist from Katya Hessel to knot the game at 1.

Kelly Menachof scored early to give Region IV a 1-0 lead.

Third Day Standings:


Team: Record, Points, GF-GA
Region I: 1-0-1, 4, 3-1
U.S. Under-16: 1-0-1, 4, 2-1
Region II: 1-1, 3, 9-3
Region III: 1-0, 3, 2-1
Region IV: 0-2, 0, 2-4
Scotland: 0-1, 0, 0-8


Team: Record, Points, GF-GA
Region I: 1-0
Region IV: 1-0
Region II: 0-1
Region III: 0-1


Team: Record, Points, GF-GA
Region IV: 1-0, 3, 1-0
Region II: 0-0-1, 1, 2-2
Region III: 0-0-1, 1, 2-2
Region I: 0-1, 0, 0-1


Team: Record, Points, GF-GA
Region III: 1-0, 3, 2-0
Region IV: 1-0, 3, 1-0
Region I: 0-1, 0, 0-1
Region II: 0-1, 0, 0-2




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