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Saturday - Updated scores from the US Youth Soccer ODP Boys Interregional

November 27, 2004 09:00 PM

Scores from Saturday's matches in Austin, TX.

Region III (3-1) National Team Gray
Region III – Ian Kalis, Alex Dixon, Jared Jefferey
N.T. Gray – Jesus Mireles

Region IV (1-0) National Team Blue
Region IV –Temistocles Molinar

Region II (0-0) Region I

Region II (1-0) Region III
Region II – J.D. Warman

Region I (4-0) Lone Star Soccer Club
Region I – Jorge Mora, Eamon O’Neill, Robert Warshaw (PK) and Eric Cava

Region IV (1-2) U-17 National Team
Region IV – Erik Moran
National Team – Cesar Nunez, Perica Marosevic

Region III (1-3) Region I
Region III – Sonny Guadarrama
Region I – Michael Grella, Cory Dempsey, Kevin Vieira

Region II (2-0) Region IV
Region II – Brian Martin and Benjamin Gearhart




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