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Sunday - Updated scores from the US Youth Soccer ODP Boys Interregional (All Matches)

November 27, 2004 09:00 PM

1990 Region III (2-0)Region IV
Region III Steve Trejo and Sam Redmond
1990 N.T. Blue (1-4) Region I
Region I Yannick Salmon had 2 goals, Isreal Seasy and David MacVane (PK)
N.T - Ryan Finlay

1990 Region II (2-0) N.T. Gray
Region II - Kirk Urso and Ethan Finlay

3:00 1988 Region III (2-2) Lone Star S.C. Region III - Omar Gonzalaz had 2 goals Lone Star S.C - 2 goals

4:00 1988 Region I (2-3) 1989 N.T. Region I -Eamon O'Neill had 2 goals N.T. - Michael Stephens, Josmer Altidore and Anthony Wallace

5:00 1988 Region IV (0-3) Region II Region II - Jesse Henderson, Andrew Adlard (PK) and Michael Thomas

5:00 1987 Region III (0-0) Region II

6:00 1987 Region I (1-2). Region IV Region I - Micheal Grella Region IV - Aaron Pinckney and Anothony Beltran

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