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US Youth Soccer ODP Boys Region II 1988 Handles Italian Opponents

March 31, 2005 09:00 PM

The US Youth Soccer ODP Boys Region II ’88 (Region II) team rolled through their three pre-tournament friendly games with two wins and a tie against all Italian teams. In Genoa Region II went 7:1 against local Anpi Cassassa and 5:0 against local Molassana. Next up for Region II was Empoli, who played to a 0:0 tie in Viareggio.

Moving into the Viareggio Tournament near Pisa, the team advanced to the top of their triangular group. The 2 x 25 minute matches resulted with four victories against Carvarzano (4:1), Livorno (1:0), Viareggio (2:0), 3:0 against Ninfea (3:0) and a 0:0 tie against Freccia in muddy conditions. In the end, the tournament required a tie-breaking shootout in the semi finals where Region II lost 3:4.

While in Italy the team was able to attend the professional games of Sampdoria vs. Atalanta and Empoli vs. Perruggia. The players were also able to tour cultural sites in Genoa, Pisa, Florence and Milan.

The group proved very successful, going 6-0-2 in games of varying lengths with a total of 22 goals with only 2 against, both on penalties.

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