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Continuing Education | November 2005

November 6, 2005 09:00 PM

One versus one (1v1) is the most common and frequent tactical situation for players. Every 1v1 situation involves all four components of the game; fitness, attitude, technique and tactics. Further, no matter what position a player has on the team, he/she must be able to handle a one on one both offensively and defensively. 1v1 is the foundation of all tactics, individual, group and team. If players cannot win the majority of 1v1 duels on both offense and defense then the odds of effectively combining in group and team tactics are reduced.

Click here to download this month’s coaching education article discussing the 1v1 situation. US Youth Soccer Coaching Department offers a number of programs to educate new youth coaches and enhance the skills of current coaches, continuing the progress of the game. Don't forget to check out the latest offering from US Youth Soccer the Parents Guide - An Introduction to Youth Soccer, complete with online presentation, quiz and printable certificate of completion. Click here to learn more.

An additional program is the Coaches Connection, established to educate and further the flow of information between the coaches across the nation, the Connection connects you to the US Youth Soccer Coaching Education Network. Open to anyone, the Coaches Connection is for coaches, parents, referees, administrators…you. click here to learn more.




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