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US Youth Soccer ODP Boys (1988) New Years Interregional | Scores

January 16, 2006 09:00 PM

January 12-15, 2006
Home Depot Center | Carson, CA

January 13 Games

Region II vs. Region IV, 0:2

Region IV Goals: Jiminez Murillo (33:00), Andrew Dimbi (56:00)


Region I vs. Region III, 0:3

Region III Goals: Omar Gonzalez (44:00), Cody Arnoux (64:00), Ognjen Perucica (75:00)


January 14 Games

Region III vs. Region IV, 3:1

Region III Goals: Bryan Lowder (27:00), Corben Bone (28:00), (50:00)

Region IV Goal: Andrew Dimbi (45:00)


Region I vs. Region II, 1:2

Region I Goal: Jeremiah Gallington (49:00)

Region II Goals: Steven Adlard (17:00)PK, (57:00)


January 15 Games

Region I vs. Region IV, 1:3

Region I Goal: Eamon O’Neill (62:00)

Region IV Goals: Reid Baker (17:00), Andrew Dimbi (40:00), (60:00)

Region II vs. Region III, 0:0




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