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Gear up for Youth Soccer Month 2006

May 24, 2006 10:00 PM

Youth Soccer Month Kicks Off in September

Last year's Presidential Letter, 22 State Proclamations, and more than 80 events nationwide helped celebrate and honor the game of soccer. This year will mark the fourth annual Youth Soccer Month Campaign, and it is sure to be biggest and best yet. Be the first to proclaim September Youth Soccer Month in your soccer club, city, state or anywhere else the game reaches. Click here for more information about how you can recognize soccer in your area.

For Youth Soccer Month logos in numerous formats, sizes, and designs, click here.

National Youth Soccer Month is dedicated to increasing awareness of the benefits of playing Youth Soccer in America. The goals of Youth Soccer Month are:

  1. Emphasize soccer as the number one youth participation sport in America and a leading contributor to the healthy lifestyle of millions of American families.
  2. Bring kids and families of all ages and all abilities together for fun, friendship and fitness.
  3. Highlight the various programs available to children interested in participating in soccer, including inner-city, special needs, recreational and elite soccer programs.

Our message is communicated through the celebration of soccer in a variety of ways throughout the country by soccer players and fans of all ages and ethnic groups, the general public, state and federal governments, coaches, referees, administrators, parents.....anyone and everyone who enjoys the game of soccer!

Additionally, Fox Soccer Channel will soon launch a series of US Youth Soccer public service announcements specially created for Youth Soccer month each September.

Learn more about how you can celebrate Youth Soccer Month by visiting Celebrating In Your Area.

Interest in the sport of soccer is at its highest level ever in the United States, with more than 19 million children ages five-19, participating regularly. In fact, more children are participating in organized soccer than peewee football, youth basketball or Little League baseball. We encourage all who love soccer in America to celebrate National Youth Soccer Month and let us know how you choose to celebrate....we might even feature your story or event on!

Please click on the respective link if you would like additional information on Youth Soccer.

Want to play youth soccer in your area, but don't know how to register? US Youth Soccer offers recreational and competitive soccer programs for boys and girls ages five - 19. US Youth Soccer also offers programs for children and teens with disabilities and economically disadvantaged kids. You can register to play youth soccer through your state association. By calling your state association, you will be directed to a club and league near you to contact for registration information. Select your state and begin the process by /aboutus/StateAssociationDirectory.asp">clicking here.

For more information or questions about Youth Soccer Month, click here.




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