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Youth Soccer Month Just Around the Corner

August 22, 2006 10:00 PM
Fun, Family, Friendship and Fitness to be celebrated throughout September

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In the spirit of Youth Soccer Month, wanted to share a little of the ‘fun, family, friendship and fitness’ of the game through the eyes and recent experience of a ‘soccer dad’ from northern California.

My daughter, Samantha, plays on an under-8 team, the Dolphins, that is in the Del Norte Youth Soccer League of California Youth Soccer Association-North, a proud member of US Youth Soccer. She is coached by Brian Clemman, a local California Highway Patrol Officer and Sean and Judy Smith, all of Del Norte County.

This past Saturday she scored the lone goal of her game and it was truly a ‘wide world of sports moment’. The emotions of both teams, cheering and the reaction on my daughter’s face were priceless.

After the goal she ran to me and jumped into my arms.

The ‘soccer dad’ in me watched the breakaway down the field and then watch Samantha beat the defender with what I would call a head fake. She had a smile on her face throughout the play.

Watching her play the game she loves and her expression of joy was as surreal as if there were a guardian angel flying with her. I felt pride and joy beyond anything since watching her birth.

Both of my daughters play in the league and love the game of soccer.

I know other parents feel the same way about their kids and this is a classic moment in my life and I wanted to share it with you as I know Youth Soccer Month is fast approaching. I hope this story provides an example of the many values soccer provides to the American family.

To learn more about Youth Soccer Month click here and to learn more about getting your child involved in soccer /WannaPlaySoccer.asp" target="_blank">click here.




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