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Youth Soccer Month Has Kicked Off!

August 31, 2006 10:00 PM
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US Youth Soccer, the nation’s largest youth sports association, today officially kicked off the fourth annual Youth Soccer Month – Celebrating Soccer in America. Youth Soccer Month events begin tonight.

Throughout Youth Soccer Month a series of messages and themes will be communicated to illustrate the essence of youth soccer. Each week during Youth Soccer Month a different key will be the focus of “Celebrating Soccer in America.”

The four messages of Youth Soccer month are:

Fitness: (Week of September 4)
The health and fitness (physical, psychological and social) benefits of playing soccer.
Fun: (Week of September 11)
Whether recreational or competitive in nature, involvement in soccer is easy, affordable and rewarding.
Family: (Week of September 18)
Playing soccer ties families together as schedules, vacations and family time are coordinated.
Friendship: (Week of September 25)
The relationships generated through playing soccer extend beyond the field.

There are a number of events scheduled to Celebrate Soccer in America this September.

To learn more about the events in your area and how to join the celebration visit




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