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Dynamo F.C. Soccerathon a Success

September 14, 2006 10:00 PM

The first annual Dynamo F.C. Soccerathon was a great success. Players had a lot of fun participating in the 4v4 tournament. Prior to the tournament, Indiana’s Director of Coaching Vince Ganzberg helped the kids warm up.

Dynamo F.C. leadership organized the Soccerathon as a club day to celebrate soccer, have a family picnic and raise funds for the scholarship and outreach programs within their club.

The weather was ideal and the picnic was a huge success with no leftovers. Next week’s Youth Soccer Month focus is family. The picnic helped the players and their families celebrate soccer together.

The pledges collected from the Dynamo F.C. players contributed over $10,000 to their club. A raffle was also featured at the picnic.

Video footage and photographs have been sent to The US Youth Soccer Show for the next television show. For more information on The US Youth Soccer Show on the Fox Soccer Channel, click here.




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