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US Youth Soccer National League Teams Announced

July 15, 2007 10:00 PM

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Boys and Girls play slated to begin this Fall

League to provide greater opportunities for elite club players and direct entry into US Youth Soccer National Championships

FRISCO, TEXAS (July 16, 2007) – US Youth Soccer is proud to announce the first teams chosen for the US Youth Soccer National League, the organization's latest offering for elite club soccer players seeking to advance their college, professional and U.S. National Team aspirations.

For elite-level teams, the US Youth Soccer National League is a natural extension of the current system of leagues within the four regions of US Youth Soccer. Top teams from each of the four US Youth Soccer Regional Leagues earn their way into the National League.

The new league will create a direct path to the annual US Youth Soccer National Championships. The National Championships, established in 1976, is the culmination of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series where the nation's champions are crowned in six age groups for boys and girls.

US Youth Soccer National League Teams

Girls Under-15
Region Team State
I LDC United E-PA
I PDA Tsunami NJ
II Eclipse Select 92-93 IL
II KCFC Alliance Intensity KS
III Sting Dallas Royal 93 N-TX
III Dallas Texans 93 Red N-TX
IV So Cal Blues - Dodge CA-S
Girls Under-16
Region Team State
I Syracuse FC Fury NY-W
II Eclipse Select 91-92 IL
III Dallas Texans Red 92 N-TX
III Hurricane FC 92 Shubert OK
IV So Cal Blues- Lippens CA-S
I CFC United CT
Boys Under-15
Region Team State
I Baltimore Casa Mia Bays MD
II Chicago Fire Juniors - Red IL
II Michigan Wolves MI
III 92 CASL Elite NC
III Solar Red N-TX
IV West Coast FC CA-S
I FC Delco Roadkill NJ
Boys Under-16
Region Team State
I YMS Explosion E-PA
I Manhattan Phoenix E-NY
II Chicago Wind Nationals IL
II Arsenal Super Eagles MN
III Dallas Texans 92 Red N-TX
III Texans FC 91/92 S-TX
IV Slammers FC CA-S

Paul Luchowski, US Youth Soccer National League Commissioner believes the quality of teams applying to be second to none. ""US Youth Soccer has long stood as the leader in youth soccer and in the organization of events that allow the country's youth to showcase their talents in an environment that is designed for the players. The addition of the National League provides a truly national opportunity for players to develop and test themselves in meaningful competition.""

As is the case with the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series events and the US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program, the National League creates another significant opportunity for the nation's collegiate, professional and national team staffs to see players in an environment of meaningful play.

The top four finishers in National League play in each age group will retain their slots in the league for the 2008-09 season provided that the teams meet all eligibility requirements.




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