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National League Bloggers Share Their Experiences

December 25, 2007 09:00 PM

US Youth Soccer National League Blog

If you would like that behind the scenes and inside the box perspective, check out the US Youth Soccer National League Blog. We've scheduled players to provide their insights on who, what, where and when.

If the term blog scares you, just think of it as an old fashioned daily diary with a touch of technology.

National League Bloggers
Chris Locandro - Cobb FC 92 Premier
Raoul Fulgos - Michigan Wolves 93 Black
Mark Gendi - Texans FC 91/92 Red
Julian Griggs - Baltimore Casa Mia Bays
Clarissa Wedemeyer - Dallas Texans 93 Red Dallas
Gabby Guzman - PDA Fire
Quinn Tookey and Hayley Williams - Sting 93 Royal
Victoria Hoffman and Kristen Barg - Dallas Texans
Caitlin Phillips - Hurricane 92 Shubert




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