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Vote Now for Goal of the Year

January 24, 2008 12:00 PM
Vote Now for the 2007 US Youth Soccer Goal of the Year, Now through February 7

Beginning today, visitors to can vote for the 2007 Goal of the Year. Go to the Video Player to see the Top 10 and pick your favorite via the poll. Winners will be announced February 8 at the US Youth Soccer Awards Gala in Pittsburgh, Penn. Held in conjunction with the US Youth Soccer adidas Workshop.

2007 Goal of the Year Nominees (Vote January 25-Feb 7)
Brianna Reyna - U15 Leavenworth United Thunder (KS)

Brittney Nash - U14 Dallas Sting Royal 93 (TX)

Hassan "Soony" Saad - U15 Michigan Wolves (MI)

Adam Raso - U8 East Islip Soccer Club (NY)

Taylor Waspi - U19 Chicago Magic (IL)

Mitch Braun - U16 Little Apple Soccer Club (KS)

Michael Deasel - U17 Baltimore Casa Mia Bays (MD)

Kristin Cummins - U16 Dallas Texans (TX)

Marquez Fernandez - U14 Baltimore Casa Mia Bays (MD)

Jesse Velez - U6 Rowlett Youth Soccer (TX) 

2007 Save of the Year Nominees (Voting Closed)

Sergio Ramirez - U15 Lonestars (TX)

Mark Essary - U17 Andromeda 90 (TX)

Thomas Booth - U18 Terryville Fire (NY)

Morgan Hert - U15 CESA 91 Premier (SC)

Benjamin Winters -U15 Crossfire Premier 91 (WA)

Elayna Simpson - U15 Kirkwood Soccer Club (DE)

Rick Pflasterer - U15 Michigan Wolves (MI)

Sean Cote - U15 Dallas Solar 92 (TX)

Brett Petricek - U15 Illinois ODP (IL)

Antonio Varitimos - U9 Norwood Youth Soccer (MA)

Think you'll have the 2008 Save or Goal of the Year? Get your video cameras rolling and send your video to US Youth Soccer! Deadline for entry is November 1, 2008. Click the short entry application at the top of the page to get your video in for 2008.




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