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US Youth Soccer Blog Grows

January 16, 2008 08:00 AM

US Youth Soccer Blog Grows 

The US Youth Soccer Blog continues to increase with the latest addition of John Ellinger, technical director for US Youth Soccer.  Ellinger recently joined US Youth Soccer to push the technical aspects of the game and further the benefits to US Youth Soccer members with experience in every level of soccer from club, college, national and professional teams. 

In addition to Ellinger, the blog features Sam Snow, senior assistant technical director and John Thomas, assistant technical director for US Youth Soccer.  Snow and Thomas have been blogging on for several months.  You can read their latest posts on or old posts at   

With the changes to, all blogs have moved to the new site to further integrate all information.  These blogs provide unique perspectives into youth soccer from individuals themselves.

The current blogger line-up focuses on coaching.  Look for new blogs in the near future with unique focuses such as parenting, sport event planning and more. 

Last year kicked off the championship bloggers, with players, parents and coaches blogging from the US Youth Soccer Regional Championships all the way through the National Championships.  This fall, the US Youth Soccer National League continued the all-access pass to what the players are experiencing.  More bloggers will come on-line this year during events, so when an event is taking place, be sure to check the blog.

Visit the blog, read, comment, come back.

Current Blogger Schedule
Monday – Sam Snow
Tuesday – John Ellinger
Wednesday – John Thomas





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