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Two Teams Have Advanced to Nationals - Six to be Named

March 27, 2008 10:00 PM
Two teams have advanced to Nationals (Under-15 Boys Baltimore Casa Mia Bays and Solar Red)
Six more to be named this weekend in final games of inaugural National League
The US Youth Soccer National League will cap off the inaugural season next weekend. The new league has been met with great praise as teams from across the country have qualified to participate thanks to success in the US Youth Soccer Regional Leagues. 
Each team is chasing a title, qualification for the league in 2008-2009 and to get their ticket punched to the 2007 US Youth Soccer National Championships this July in Little Rock, Arkansas. That's right; the top two teams from the league will automatically qualify for the nation's top club competition, by passing the US Youth Soccer State Cup and US Youth Soccer Regional Championships.
Two teams have already qualified for the national championships with the Baltimore Casa Mia Bays and Solar Red in the Under-15 Boys. Several teams have solidified their slot in the league for next year as well. To learn more about where teams sit and who has to do what to advance, check out the scenarios below.
Under-16 Boys
Win, lose or draw is the overall theme beaming from the US Youth Soccer National League Under-16 Boys division, and all the action is focused on the defeats and victories of the Dallas Texans 92 Red.  Tied with YMS Xplosion for first place with 15 points, a Dallas victory over the Slammers Thursday night would automatically capture the title for Dallas, but a tie in the Texans vs. Slammers game would give Chicago Wind Nationals the opportunity to win the title if they win all three of their games throughout the weekend. A win by Slammers on Thursday night would place both Chicago Wind Nationals and Slammers in the running to capture the title. 
Under-15 Girls
Three teams, each separated by one point between their respective rankings are looking to capture the US Youth Soccer National League Under-15 Girls title as they enter into the final weekend play. Dallas Texans 93G Red Dallas, Southern California Blues – Dodge or Eclipse Select could be named the champion as early as Saturday afternoon. With high stakes and teams putting forth their highest level of competition, it's likely that a champion will not be named until after the final Under-15 Girls game Sunday morning when Eclipse Select 92-93 and Southern California Blues – Dodge face off.
Under-16 Girls
Many factors are riding on which team could be the US Youth Soccer National League Under-16 Girls champion. Winners could be named as early as Saturday after two 11:00 a.m. matches wrap-up, but the crowning of a champion may not occur until after the No. 1 Eclipse Select 91-92 and No. 2 Dallas Texans Red 92 Girls square off Sunday at 10:00 a.m. The No. 6 Southern California Blues – Lippens could go the distance and deliver an upset to all teams if they can go undefeated throughout all four games and if Eclipse Select  91-92 tie or lose to Dallas Texans Red 92 Girls on Sunday. If this scenario plays out, then Southern California Blues  - Lippens would capture the title. 



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