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US Youth Soccer National League Wraps Saturday Play

April 4, 2008 10:00 PM
Dallas Texans 93 Girls Clinch Title and Advance to Nationals 

As day three of competition at the US Youth Soccer National League games at the Ross Stewart Soccer Complex outside of Dallas.
Girls Under-16
Eclipse Select 91-92 came into today's game against SoCal Blues - Lippens needing a single point to secure their place in the 2008 US Youth Soccer National Championships. "It's always hard to play games where you know all you have to do is tie to secure your place," said Rory Dames, Eclipse head coach.
During the match possession remained equally divided as neither team could capitalize on the few scoring chances created. As the match looked to be a scoreless draw, SoCal's Megan Perry took a ball and made
space to beat her mark and net a successful strike in the 76th.
As time looked to expire, Eclipse's Christy Patterson beat the SoCal keeper to the opposite post in the 80th to tie the match and secure the team's ticket to the national championships.
"I'm extremely proud of these girls and how they handled the goal we allowed," said Dames. "We had to get that sense of urgency to play like we did in the last five minutes of the game. Tomorrow will be big as we didn't come into the league only to get a chance at nationals, we came to win the league."
Girls Under-16
With only one remaining slot for the 2008-2009 US Youth Soccer National League open, Hurricane FC 92 Shubert and CFC United both entered the match looking to increase their point totals.
After both teams settled in to the match, Hurricane's Kristen Kelley would strike first in the 21st off a nice cross. CFC would work to pressure the backline and Blair Ferry created a seam and beat the Hurricane keeper in the 29th to tie the match.
Both sides would battle for possession throughout the second half but neither would relent and offer the go ahead goal and the match ended 1:1.
"The (US Youth Soccer National) League is a great experience and is really unbelievable," said CFC United coach John Benitez. "It's going to really help us going into (US Youth Soccer) Regionals because we've already played the best teams in the country through National League play. The league has done wonders for the girls."

Boys Under-16
In a match filled with a number of scoring opportunities for both sides involved, it was Cobb FC 92 Premier that came away with a 1-0 win over Manhattan Phoenix in the Under-16 Boys division. 
Cobb's only tally came in the 55th minute when Michael Derbecker scored to make it 1-0. His goal came after a corner kick that was taken by Jamal Keene. His kick bounced around before landing at Derbecker's feet and he tucked it inside the left corner of the goal for the lead.
"I brought it down," Derbecker said. "I knew we hadn't had any shots all game and just wanted to hit it. I knew that if I had a chance to get a goal that I had to try to give us a lift."
Girls Under-15
With each team scoreless at the half, Eclipse Select 92-93 and Dallas Texans 93 Girls regrouped and
upped their level of play. Steady ball movement from the Texanss won Kelley Monogue an open shot at the goal to hit the left back corner to put her side up by one. Texans kept the Eclipse keeper on her toes with several attempted shots.  Jana Jeffrey of Dallas put one past the keeper in the 71st minute, bringing Dallas to 0:2 lead and one step closer to nationals. Emily Hoffend solidified the Texans win with a kick over the Eclipse keeper who was outstretched in mid-air as she went for the stop.

"For us, it was trying to accomplish a goal, and that goal was winning the league. With it being the first year for National league, we thought that would be a unique thing. I think this (US Youth Soccer National League) is great competition for us. It's an elevated level of play and we love being a part of it," said Dallas Texans Coach Shawn Cantrell. ""The girls play as a team and they played for each other and it really showed in the game."
Girls Under-15
Southern California Blues – Dodge came into the game against Sting Dallas Royal 93 with a mission, and that was to win. Lauren Bohaboy scored one early on in the 21st minute for SoCal with teammate Kaylie Davidson following her lead with one in the 33rd minute to give SoCal the 2:0 lead. Sting rallied and scored in the 48th minute. The game ended 2:1 in favor of SoCal.  
Kaylie Davidson of SoCal said, "I had a slide tackle and it went into the back of the net. The whole game, we played tough and strong; we really wanted it. I'm so excited because we worked hard and now we're closer to getting a ring and to nationals."
Boys Under – 16
Manhattan scored their first goal off a penalty kick, but Slammers evened the score with a goal of their own just minutes later. Manhattan countered the Slammers and regained the lead when Caetano Sanchez finessed the ball around the defender and put it in the back of the net. Slammers again evened the score (2:2) when a ball flicked off the post and headed it past the keeper and into the net. Jeffrey Horn collected a well-played cross and scored to break the tie at 3:2. Slammers would come right back with scoring chances from 2 and 12, but Sam Embry, keeper for Manhattan was up to the challenge. Slammers, Julio Cuevas was sent off the field with a red card, leaving Slammers down for the duration of the game.
Sunday will be the final day of National League game at the Ross Stewart Soccer Complex.
US Youth Soccer National League Scores for April 5
Girls    U16   Eclipse Select 91-92 v SoCal Blues Lippens, 1:1
                      Goal Scorers:
                      Eclipse Select: Christy Patterson (80:00)
                      SoCal: Megan Perry (76:00)
Girls   U16     Hurricane FC 92 Shubert v CFC United, 1:1
                       Goal Scorers:
                       Hurricane: Kristen Kelley (21:00)
                       CFC:   Blair Ferry (29:00)
Boys  U16       Manhattan Phoenix v Cobb FC, 0:1
                        Goal Scorers:
                        Cobb: Michael Derbecker (55:00)
Girls    U15     Eclipse Select 92-93 v Dallas Texans 93G Red Dallas, 0:3
                        Goal Scorers:
                        Dallas Texans 93G Red Dallas: Kelly Monogue (45:00), Jana Jeffrey (71:00), Emily Hoffend (82:00)
Girls U15       Sting Dallas Royal 93 v Southern California Blues – Dodge, 1:2
                       Goal Scorers:
                     &nbs​p; Sting Dallas Royal 93: Hayley Williams (48:00)
                       Southern California Blues – Dodge: Lauren Bohaboy (21:00), Kaylie Davidson (33:00)
Boys U16       Manhattan Phoenix v Slammers; 3:2
                    ​;   Goal Scorers:
                       Manhattan Phoenix: Serigne Sylla (18:00), Caetano Sanchez (23:00), Jeffrey Horn (59:00)
                       Slammers: Kelly Lukehart (12:00), 20 (28:00)
Tomorrow's play will determine the Under-16 Girls Champions for the US Youth Soccer National League. For more information about the US Youth Soccer National League, including latest schedules, scores and more visit


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