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US Youth Soccer ODP Girls 1993 Travel to San Carlos, Costa Rica

April 6, 2008 10:00 PM
The US Youth Soccer ODP Girls 1993 regional teams traveled to San Carlos, Costa Rica, today for training and sightseeing. They enjoyed shopping on the way to the city and either training or a visit to another nearby town for sightseeing this afternoon.
Tonight the teams will rest and all regions will resume training tomorrow morning. The hotel has two lighted soccer fields onsite so practice is even more convenient.
Tomorrow afternoon is filled with activities and is a highlight of the trip. The teams will take a zip line canopy tour of the jungle and then visit hot springs at the base of the active volcano.
The hotel is beautiful and the girls have already enjoyed the pool and searching for wildlife by the river. US Youth Soccer Region II found the first alligator. Also, on the way to shopping Region IV stopped for a photo opportunity of numerous iguanas sunning themselves in trees next to a bridge.
Beyond the international soccer competition and different styles of play and speed, today showed the girls a unique side of Costa Rica. It was surely an extension of last night's Cultural Dinner.



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