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Champion Crowned at Torneo Femenino Internacional

April 13, 2008 10:00 PM
The US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (US Youth Soccer ODP) Girls 1993 completed the Torneo Femeniono Internacional this afternoon after nine days of training, games and sightseeing, and the Under-20 Chile National Team was crowned champion.

The final four games were played and afterwards, all of the teams met for closing ceremonies and a group dinner. Each player was presented a medal for participation. Each team administrator also received a decorative plaque. A large trophy was also awarded to the tournament champions, Chile.

The top seven goal scorers of the competition were also recognized. US Youth Soccer players claimed four of the top seven spots with Ashley Meier (Region II), Shea Groom (Region II), Allison Smith (Region III) and Alex Bailey (Region IV) making the list.

Victor Hugo Alfaro, the Vice President of Costa Rica Federation and President of Adelife, the women's soccer organization of Costa Rica, said, "I hope that events such as this help the Latin American teams grow and hopefully they will continue to grow to the level of the U.S. Women's National Team."

To the players US Youth Soccer Vice President Evelyn Gill said, "We are grateful to have the opportunity to participate in this tournament. Everyone has played with such enthusiasm and dedication and I am glad to have been here to see you play. You have represented your country and your region well."

Region I played their final game of the tournament against Honduras, winning 2:0. Honduras maintained their strong defense and continued the strategy of making a wall in the back and forcing the US Youth Soccer regional teams to be creative in working around. Region I did a good job communicating and working together to analyze the game. Kristi Abbate made an angular pass to Jenny Hwang and Hwang knocked it into the bottom right corner in the 10th. At the half, Coach Peye Garcia reminded the players not to play down to their opponent and to control the speed of play. Kate Schwindel secured the win in the 88th with a goal of her own.

The tournament continues to improve all participants and in its second year Costa Rica has noticeably grown. Region II had several good opportunities against Costa Rica, but was unable to capitalize. Costa Rica finished the tournament on a high note with a 3:0 win.

The championship game was Region III vs. Chile. Region III needed a win for the tournament championship and nearly succeeded with a 2:2 tie. The keeper did a good job anticipating the attacks and quickly responding to them, but Chile scored twice late in the second half. Region III kept their momentum up and Gilda Doria scored in the 70th. In the 75th, Region III had a goal by Sydney Payne called back, but Payne didn't stop there. Morgan Brian picked up the ball from the 40 yard line and played it to Doiria's feet.Doria sent the ball behind the Costa Rica defense and Payne scored again in the 80th to tie the match. Region III was the only team to tie Chile and left the match proud of their accomplishments and with confidence.

Region IV beat Trinidad and Tobago 9:0. In regards to how they players have grown, Region IV Coach Jason Goodson said, ""I am extremely proud of the girls as individuals and collectively as a whole. The experiences they have gained by participating in an event like this will be invaluable in their growth as young ladies and as players.""

Region IV goal scorers included: Caroline Brawner (3:00), Indiana Mead (10:00), Alex Bailey (26:00), Emily Sippel (29:00) (51:00) (71:00), Lo'eau labonta (56:00), and Tessa Andujar (60:00) (88:00).

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