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US Youth Soccer ODP Girls 1992 Region III Team Travels to Italy

April 17, 2008 10:00 PM
The US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (US Youth Soccer ODP) Girls 1992 Region III team is playing in Italy from April 10-20.

They arrived on April 15 in Bardolino, Italy, and discovered two Swedish teams staying at the same hotel. The US Youth Soccer ODP team took advantage of the situation and arranged a scrimmage against Oosmo, an Under-17 Swedish team, instead of holding practice. The Region III team won the match and enjoyed the scrimmage. After the game they went shopping and sightseeing in Petroleo , a small town outside Bardolino.

On April 16, Region III had an opportunity to compete against a higher level Under-18 Swedish team Hammerby. Hammerby has several members who are on the Under-23 Swedish National Team. They organized an official match with 45 minute halves and a full referee crew. Region III won 5:0 with their keeper's first shut out of the trip.

After their win against Hammerby, Region III enjoyed more shopping and sightseeing in Levise on Lake Garda. While the team had numerous soccer balls on the bus, they each chipped in to purchase an Italian soccer ball and played 8v8 against each other on the lake shore.

A regularly scheduled match is set for April 17 and then the team travels to Venice for sightseeing on Friday.

Roster | US Youth Soccer ODP Girls 1992 Region III

Nina Anderson
Dallas, TX
Kathryn Bass
Coppell, TX
Shanna Brooks
Birmingham, AL
Jodi Calloway
Denton, TX
Alexandria Crown
Orlando, FL
Nicole Duarte
League City, TX
Mary Eggleston
Houston, TX
Amanda Frisbie
McKinney, TX
Katrina Frost
Fayetteville, GA
Victoria Hoffman
Plano, TX
Juliann Jeffrey
Richardson, TX
Megan Kinneman
Missouri City, TX
Nicole Locandro
Kennesaw, GA
Molly Pathman
Durham, NC
Courtney Smith
Plano, TX
Wendy Taylor Travis 
Cary, NC
Chioma Ubogagu
Coppell, TX
Madison Whitehead
Highland Village, TX

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