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2008 US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup Wraps Up Round Robin Games

July 18, 2008 10:00 PM
 The US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup
Champions to be crowned tomorrow
Host team to play at 10:00 a.m. for title
KIRKWOOD, Del. (July 19, 2008) Round robin play wrapped up today at the 2008 US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup at the Kirkwood Soccer Complex in Kirkwood, Delaware, featuring teams in the Under-14 through Under-17 age groups for boys and girls.

The fitness level of all 32 teams was put to the test today as temperatures continued to climb throughout the day. All teams played two games, one in the morning and one in the afternoon to determine which teams would fill the championships slots.

From host, Kirkwood Soccer Club, the Kirkwood SC Freedom (DE) Under-14 Girls have advanced to the finals and will play for the title at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow.

In the Under-17 Boys and Girls division, two teams remain undefeated. FSC Force (NC) Under-17 Boys and Alaska Rush (AK) Under-17 Girls will go into tomorrow's championship games as undefeated through preliminary games at the Presidents Cup.

In their early morning game, FSC started with the lead when Kenneth Praschan Jr. netted one in the 33rd minute. They held strong and built their lead to 2:0 in the 79th when Bennett Strickland put one past the keeper. After several missed shots on goal, the Croatian Eagles finally found the back of the net in the 87th minute, but it was not enough to pull out a win. The final score was 2:1.

FSC keeper, Trey Mulvey said, "I think that might be the toughest team we have played so far. It has been really exciting to be here. If you would have told us we would come this far, I would not have believed it."

FSC continued their winning streak through round robin play with a 6:2 victory over West Virginia Chaos (WV).

Strickland said, "The tournament is high-intensity and I get the adrenaline rushing every single game. It's just a great experience."

Gaining intensity throughout the tournament has been a common theme for Alaska Rush 91. They have had to adjust to the climate changes and a four-hour time difference. However, that has not slowed down the momentum in their games.

Head coach Michael Montgomery said, "We emphasized fitness before we came. We're glad to be here and to be able to play in a national event. Obviously, the fields are perfect and it's a very well organized event. Also, the neat thing is to play teams from all three of the other regions."

Throughout the two games today, Alaska Rush only had one goal against. They will face off with FC Dallas Blue (NTX) for the championship title tomorrow at 10:15 a.m.

The Presidents Cup goes down in the book as Chesco Premier (EPA) Under-16 Boys' first appearance at an event of this scope. They wrapped up prelims with a 1-0-2 record and have advance to the finals.

Cory White of Chesco said, "This is our first time at a national event and it is really impressive. We were really surprised with the caliber of teams here. We came here expecting to do good, and it has really been a pleasure to see all of these teams from across the nation and see how we faired against them."

Chesco will play the championship game at 8:25 a.m. tomorrow against Texans FC (NTX).

The 32 teams have qualified for the Presidents Cup from 13 US Youth Soccer State Associations. 
The Presidents Cup provides teams a national tournament experience at an elite level, for teams not typically given the opportunity

For more information and updated scores and schedules for the Presidents Cup, visit or

Championship and consolation games begin at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow to crown the 2008 US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup Champion. For more information please visit  
US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup
Day 2 Results

Baltimore Bays (MD) 0 vs West Texas United (NTX) 1 U14B
Lighthouse Hurricanes (EPA) 2 vs TASC Team America (VA) 3 U14B
Kirkwood SC Destroyers (DE) 1 vs West Texas United (NTX) 4 U16G
Coastal United (NC) 1 vs Bucks-Mont United (EPA) 1 U16G
Hulmelville Sting (EPA) 2 vs JSC Jammers Gold (NC) 2 U15B
West Houston Pumas (STX) 0 vs GSPAA Elite (MD) 0 U15B
VA Rush (VA) 0 vs Wilson Explosion (NC) 2 U15G
Wyoming Valley (EPA) 0 vs HBC Intense (ENY) 10 U15G
Kosmos (ENY) 0 vs Texans FC 91/92 (STX) 0 U16B
Devils (NV) 1 vs Chesco Premier (EPA) 3 U16B
Kirkwood SC Freedom (DE) 4 vs CYA Phoenix (VA) 0 U14G
Croatian Eagles SC (WI) 1 vs FSC Force (NC) 2 U17B
Real Las Vegas SC (NV) 0 vs West VA Chaos (WV) 2 U17B
Wyoming Valley (EPA) 0 vs FC Dallas Blue (NTX) 6 U17G
Alaska Rush 91 (AK) 2 vs Tidal Wave Big Blue (RI) 0 U17G
West Texas United (NTX) 1 vs TASC Team America (VA) 2 U14B
Baltimore Bays (MD) 5 vs Lighthouse Hurricanes (EPA) 2 U14B
West Texas United (NTX) 2 vs Bucks-Mont United (EPA) 0 U16G
Kirkwood SC Destroyers (DE) 0 vs Coastal United (NC) 3 U16G
JSC Jammers Gold (NC) 2 vs GSPAA Elite (MD) 2 U15B
Hulmelville Sting (EPA) 0 vs West Houston Pumas (STX) 6 U15B
Wilson Explosion (NC) 0 vs HBC Intense (ENY) 5 U15G
VA Rush (VA) 4 vs Wyoming Valley (EPA) 1 U15G
Texans FC 91/92 (STX) 0 vs Chesco Premier (EPA) 0 U16B
Kosmos (ENY) 1 vs Devils (NV) 1 U16B
Texas Rush Nike (STX) 3 vs Kirkwood SC Freedom (DE/Region I) 1 U14G
FSC Force (NC) 6 vs West VA Chaos (WV) 2 U17B
Croatian Eagles SC (WI) 0 vs Real Las Vegas SC (NV) 1 U17B
FC Dallas Blue (NTX) 1 vs Tidal Wave Big Blue (RI) 0 U17G
Wyoming Valley (EPA) 1 vs Alaska Rush 91 (AK) 6 U17G

US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup Championship Schedule
  Field # Team Name Bracket
8:00 AM 4 Championship HBC Intense (ENY) vs. Wilson Explosion (NC) U15G
8:00 AM 2 Consolation VA Rush (VA) vs. Wyoming Valley (EPA) U15G
8:15 AM 10 Championship TASC Team America (VA) vs. West Texas United (NTX) U14B
8:15 AM 11 Consolation Baltimore Bays (MD) vs. Lighthouse Hurricanes (EPA) U14B
8:15 AM 5 Consolation Bucks-Mont United (EPA) vs. Kirkwood SC Destroyers (DE) U16G
8:15 AM 7 Championship West Texas United (NTX) vs. Coastal United (NC) U16G
8:25 AM 8 Consolation Kosmos (ENY) vs. Texans FC 91/92 (STX) U16B
8:25 AM 6 Championship Chesco Premier (EPA) vs. Devils (NV) U16B
10:00 AM 4 Championship GSPAA Elite (MD) vs. JSC Jammers Gold (NC) U15B
10:00 AM 2 Consolation Hulmelville Sting (EPA) vs. West Houston Pumas (STX) U15B
10:00 AM 10 Championship Texas Rush Nike (STX) vs. Kirkwood SC Freedom (DE) U14G
10:00 AM 11 N/A No consolation match U14G
10:15 AM 7 Championship Alaska Rush 91 (AK) vs. FC Dallas Blue (NTX) U17G
10:15 AM 5 Consolation Wyoming Valley (EPA) vs. Tidal Wave Big Blue (RI) U17G
10:25 AM 8 Consolation Croatian Eagles SC (WI) vs. West VA Chaos (WV) U17B
10:25 AM 6 Championship FSC Force (NC) vs. Real Las Vegas SC (NV) U17B


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