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2008 U.S. Women's Olympic Soccer Team Roster

August 6, 2008 10:00 PM

Players Pos. DOB Hometown College Caps/Goals US Youth Soccer ODP
Barnhart, Nicole* GK 10/10/1981 Gilbertsville, Pa. Stanford 11 Region I
Boxx, Shannon** M 6/29/1977 Redondo Beach, Calif. Notre Dame 96/18 Region IV
Buehler, Rachel* D 8/26/1985 Del Mar, Calif. Stanford 13/0 Region IV
Chalupny, Lori* D 1/29/1984 St. Louis, Mo. UNC 74/6 Region II
Cheney, Lauren* F 9/30/1987 Indianapolis, Ind. UCLA 12/3 Region II
Cox, Stephanie* D 4/3/1986 Elk Grove, Calif. Portland 43/0 Region IV
Heath, Tobin* M 5/29/1988 Basking Ridge, N.J. UNC 14/2 Region I
Hucles, Angela** M 7/5/1978 Virginia Beach, Va. Virginia 88/8 Region I
Kai, Natasha* F 5/22/1983 Kahuku, Hawaii Hawaii 51/20 Region IV
Lloyd, Carli* M 7/16/1982 Delran, N.J. Rutgers 66/17 Region I
Markgraf, Kate*** D 8/23/1976 Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Notre Dame 185/0 Region II
Mitts, Heather** D 6/9/1978 Cincinnati, Ohio Florida 82/2 Region II
O'Reilly, Heather** M 1/2/1985 East Brunswick, N.J. UNC 94/19 Region I
Rampone, Christie*** D 6/24/1975 Point Pleasant, N.J. Monmouth 197/4 n/a
Rodriguez, Amy* F 2/17/1987 Lake Forest, Calif. USC 23/5 Region IV
Solo, Hope* GK 7/30/1981 Richland, Wash. Washington 68 Region IV
Tarpley, Lindsay** M 9/22/1983 Kalamazoo, Mich. UNC 100/27 Region II
Wagner, Aly** M 8/10/1980 San Jose, Calif. Santa Clara 124/21 Region IV
* First Olympics
** Second Olympics
*** Third Olympics 




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