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Check list for organizing your own Clean Your Park Day to celebrate Youth Soccer Month

August 24, 2008 10:00 PM
  • Find a park to clean up
  • Contact your local Parks and Recreation Department and ask them about:
    • Providing trash bags and clean up equipment
    • Someone from the department who would be available on the day of to deliver and pick-up the equipment and trash collected 
    • Any special permits that may be required for the clean up day
    • Advise on the best day to hold the event – make sure there won't be any interference from events being held at the park or possible holidays that may conflicting
  • Make a contact sheet – when you start to visit possible donors, they may not be in the office, so leave your contact information with a little bit of information about the cleanup day.
  • Contact local businesses about providing food or refreshments for volunteers the day of the event
  • Make flyers to post around your town – a lot businesses will let you post them in their window
  • Arrive early and stay until everything is finished.
  • After the event, send Thank You notes to everyone who helped make the day a success…Parks and Recreation Department, businesses or individuals who donated to the event, etc…you can even write a letter to the editor of your local paper that says a quick thank you to the community for helping with the Clean Your Park Day; be sure to mention what a success it was!



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