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Hydration Day

August 26, 2008 10:00 PM
Today (Sept. 22), in conjunction with the national Youth Soccer Month celebration is "Hydration Day." One of Youth Soccer Month's main messages is Fitness. Gatorade has done extensive research on how to prepare and maintain proper hydration while you are active and especially when playing an intense game of soccer.

Part of Youth Soccer Month is learning how to maintain or accelerate your fitness and a major factor in your fitness is proper hydration. While you're enjoying the game of soccer, your body is losing valuable nutrients that need to be replaced or else dehydration will turn into your toughest opponent. So on your way out the door for a pick-up game or skills drills with friends and teammates, don't forget to grab a sports drink or water bottle!

Reaching the point of dehydration can cause you to stop drinking an adequate amount of fluid before you have a chance to replace what you have lost. To stay on top, Gatorade suggests you should be prepared.

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