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Goal Safety Day

August 31, 2009 10:00 PM
Today (Sept. 22) in conjunction with the national Youth Soccer Month celebration is "Goal Safety Day." Every year millions of kids play soccer and run the risk of not being aware of the dangers that can be associated with climbing soccer goal posts. 
Since its inception, Kwik Goal, the Official Goal and Field Equipment Supplier to US Youth Soccer, has made soccer goal safety a top priority. 
In fact, it's safe to say there are few product development groups in the world with as much knowledge, experience and invested research time in soccer goal safety as the people that makeup the Kwik Goal product design team. 
So, as we celebrate Youth Soccer Month please remember these important goal safety points from your friends at Kwik Goal. 
  1. Never climb on the soccer net or goal framework. 
  2. Instruct soccer players on the safe handling of and potential dangers associated with movable soccer goals. 
  3. Securely anchor or counter-weight movable soccer goals at all times. 
  4. Ensure goal safety labels are clearly visible. 
  5. When goals are not in use anchor or chain goals to nearby fence posts, dugouts, or similar sturdy fixtures. 
  6. Fully disassemble goals for seasonal storage. 
Learn more about goal safety and please feel free to download and duplicate these items:
Goal Safety Booklet – This document is intended to provide basic soccer goal safety information, and is perfect for player and parent distribution.
Smaller Mesh is Safer Mesh – Learn about the safety benefits of using 120mm mesh netting
Myth vs. Fact – Interesting observations about common goal safety beliefs
Free Goal Safety Stickers

Goal Safety  Label Pack
Want more information?
Additional References:
U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission – Moveable Soccer Goals Can Fall on Children
ASTM International (voluntary safety standard)



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