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Youth Soccer Month Arrives in St. Louis

September 14, 2008 10:00 PM
It's official; September is Youth Soccer Month in St. Louis and the entire state of Missouri.
The Young Writers of Soccer St. Louis Magazine and Lori Chalupny (2008 Gold Medal US Women Olympic Soccer Team, Nerix Hall) were on hand to accept Mayor Slay's proclamation declaring September as Youth Soccer Month in St. Louis. It was a special time for Lori and the Young Writers. Mayor Slay presented each writer with a certificate for their contribution to literacy, leadership, fitness and the development of the soccer community. In conjunction with Soccer St. Louis Magazine's efforts in promoting this event, Governor Blunt has also declared September as Youth Soccer Month in the State of Missouri.
John Hoemeyer (Hazelwood S.D.), SSLM Publisher/Owner Roger Cole, Lori Chalupny, Kyle Cole (MICDS), Sami Holland (Hazelwood S.D.), Mayor Slay, Joe Pesek(Oakville/Desmet): Photo by Caleb Cole (MICDS) SSLM Young Photographers
Mayor Slay surprised everyone with a special presentation for our hometown Olympic hero. The key to the city! This event was truly a special moment in St. Louis' Soccer History and will be remembered, and celebrated, for years to come.
Mayor Slay, Chalupny and Cole display proclamation: Photo by Caleb Cole (MICDS) SSLM Young Photographers 
Soccer St. Louis Magazine and the Young Writers Program is designed to be an extension of the classroom environment; allowing students of all ages to practice and perfect their written communication skills. SSLM realizes the importance of this basic form of communication and the importance it plays in leadership development. Soccer has become the number one participation sport in the United States and is a major impact on the development of leadership skills for our youth.



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