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2009 MRL Qualified Premier Division Teams

November 2, 2008 09:00 PM

GIRLS UNDER 15 (2009) State
To be determined during 2009 Spring Season
GIRLS UNDER 16 (2009) State
NSA Premier Fury IL
Eclipse Select 93-94 IL
Chicago Magic 93/94 Girls (from First Div White) IL
Sockers FC Chicago IL
Chicago Fire Juniors Red 11 (from First Div Blue) IL
Vardar MI
Michigan Hawks 94 Black MI
KC Select Scream Red MO
St Louis Scott Gallagher-Green (from First Div Red) MO
Toro Bravo NE
GIRLS UNDER 17 (2009) State
Eclipse Select 92-93 IL
Windy City Pride 39 (from First Div White) IL
KC Comets Select (from First Div Red) KS
KCFC Alliance Intensity KS
Michigan Jaguars FC MI
Vardar-16 Torre (from First Div Blue) MI
Michigan Hawks '93 MI
St Louis Scott Gallagher MO
FC Milwaukee 16G Blue WI
GIRLS UNDER 18 (2009) State
Eclipse Select 91-92 IL
Chicago Magic 91/92 Girls IL
Ela Elite IL
Strikers FV 92 Premier (from First Div Blue) IL
BV Stars Mallorca 91/92 Girls KS
Vardar MI
TKO Premier SC (from First Div White) MI
Lou Fusz Strikers Mannion (from First Div Red) MO
St Louis SC Blue MO
FC Milwaukee 17G Blue WI




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