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First Round of Girls National League Concludes

December 7, 2008 05:00 PM

U-17 Dallas Texans Red 92 remain undefeated
Scores and Standings [link]

RALEIGH, N.C. (Sunday, December 7, 2008) – After four days of play, the US Youth Soccer National League Under-15 through Under-17 Girls have solidified their spots until they meet again December 31 – January 2 at the Disney Wide World of Sports®, where they will continue competing for their ticket to the 2009 US Youth Soccer National Championships in Lancaster, Mass.
FC Pennsylvania Strikers from Eastern Pennsylvania beat the Dallas Texans 94 Red Dallas, 2:1. Amanda Elertson scored the first goal in the 23rd to put Texans on the board. In the 34th, Erin Miklai tied the match for the Strikers. Dana Rosney scored in the 69th for the Strikers to win.
San Diego Surf 93-94 White scored five goals for the win over North Texas D'Feeters 94, 5:2. The match started with six goals scored in the less than 15 minutes. Surf's Olivia Buechler scored first in the 20th. Olivia Elliot countered in the 22nd. Surf reclaimed the lead in the 24th with a goal by Jacqueline Friedman and in the next minute Sarah Adams made her mark. D'Feeters Katherine Glutz scored next in the 26th. Surf's Courtney Massimino (34:00) and Kendall Kraus (52:00) finished the match.
San Juan Spirits 94 Blue (CA-N) and Michigan Hawks 94 Black tied, 1:1. The defending US Youth Soccer National Champions, the San Juan Spirits are in sixth place after the first four days of play, showing the depth of the national league. Haley Washburn scored the Spirit's goal in the 53rd. The Hawks matched it in the 74th with a goal from Alexandra Gjonaj. 
NSA Fury (IL) went 1:0 over the Wall Wombats (NJ). Jennifer Korn scored off a penalty kick in the 29th. In the second half, the Wombats increased their pressure but were unable to finish.
Two second half goals put the Dallas Texans 93 Red Dallas one over Cleveland FC (OH-N), 2:1. Jillian Graff scored in the 44th for Cleveland. Emily Hoffend (50:00) and Kelley Monogue (69:00) scored to keep the Texans second in the standings.
Lauren Bohaboy scored in the 39th and 79th for the So Cal Blues-Dodge to win over the Eclipse Select 92-93 from Illinois. So Cal is placed first in the Under-16 standings.
New Jersey's Montclair United Thunderbolts (NJ) scored late in the second half to win 3:2 over Team Boca 92-93. Gilda Doria scored first for Boca in the 30th. Thunderbolts' Amanda Jones scored in the 41st and 52nd. To tie the match, Ashley Oswald scored in the 59th, but with five minutes left Gabrielle Galanti scored for the Thunderbolts' win.
Slammers FC (CA-S) won 2:1 over Massachusetts' Scorpions Elite. Kaitlin Hellman scored for the Slmmers in the 19th. Francesca Coxe made the most of a free kick hitting the ball over the Slammer's wall and into the back of the net in the 33rd. Later, after the Slammers failed to clear the ball, Corey Moynihan knocked it in the goal off her first touch in the 50th for the Scorpions but it wasn't enough for today.
The undefeated Dallas Texans 92 Dallas beat the South Texas Challenge 92, 4:0. Goals came from Brittany Morgan (13:00), Juliann Jeffrey (34:00), Alyssa Diggs (65:00), Amanda Frisbie (81:00). The team hopes to return to the US Youth Soccer National Championships to defend their title.

In second place, the Eclipse Select 91-92 beat the McLean MPS Dragons, 2:0. Vanessa Laxgang and Erin Pekovich scored back to back in the 50th and 52nd.
Laguna Hills Eclipse Select Black (CA-S) won 5:2 over BVSC Stars Mallorca 91-92 (KS). The high scoring game started with Laguna's Gabrielle Arganda in the 12th. Frances Silva scored both of the Stars' goals in the 20th and 26th. Amanda Tafoya scored in the 23rd for Laguna. Briana Campos (43:00), Jordan Marada (70:00) and Shelby Chambers-Garcia rounded the score out to 5:2 for Laguna Hills Eclipse.
Michigan's Kayla Mannino scored in the 73rd for Vardar's win over Ela Elite (IL).

League play for the girls picks back up December 31 – January 2 at Disney Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Fla., and the boys League play kicks off next weekend in Dallas on December 11. For a complete list of play dates, click here.

US Youth Soccer National League Results
Sunday, December 7

Under-15 Results:
FC Pennsylvania Strikers (EPA) 2, Dallas Texans 94 Red Dallas (NTX) 1
Goal Scorers: Strikers: Erin Miklai (34:00), Dana Rosney (69:00)
Texans: Amanda Elertson (23:00)

San Diego Surf 93-94 White (CA-S) 5, D'Feeters 94 (NTX) 2
Goal Scorers: Surf: Olivia Buechler (20:00), Jacqueline Friedman (24:00), Sarah Adams (25:00), Courtney Massimino (34:00), Kendall Kraus (52:00)
D'Feeters: Olivia Elliott (22:00), Katherine Glutz (26:00)

San Juan Spirits 94 Blue (CA-N) 1, Michigan Hawks 94-Black (MI) 1
Goal Scorers: Spirits: Haley Washburn (53:00)
Hawks: Alexandra Gjonaj (74:00)
NSA Fury (IL) 1, Wall Wombats (NJ) 0
Goal Scorers:Fury: Jennifer Korn (29:00)

Under-16 Results:
Dallas Texans 93 Girls Red-Dallas (NTX) 2, Cleveland FC (OH-N) 1
Goal Scorers: Texans: Emily Hoffend (50:00), Kelley Monogue (69:00)
Cleveland: Jillian Graff (44:00)

So Cal Blues-Dodge (CA-S) 2, Eclipse Select 92-93 (IL) 0
Goal Scorers: So Cal: Lauren Bohaboy (39:00) (79:00)
Montclair United Thunderbolts (NJ) 3, Team Boca 92-93 (FL) 2
Goal Scorers: Thunderbolts: Amanda Jones (41:00) (52:00), Gabrielle Galanti (75:00)
Boca: Gilda Doria (30:00), Ashley Oswald (59:00)
Slammers FC (CA-S) 2, Scorpions Elite (MA) 1
Goal Scorers: Slammers: Kaitlin Hellman (19:00), Francesca Coxe (33:00)
Scorpions: Corey Moynihan (50:00)
Under-17 Results:
Eclipse Select 91-92 (IL) 2, McLean MPS Dragons (VA) 0
Goal Scorers: Eclipse: Vanessa Laxgang (50:00), Erin Pekovich (52:00)
Dallas Texans 92 Girls-Dallas (NTX) 4, Challenge 92 (STX) 0
Goal Scorers: Texans: Brittany Morgan (13:00), Juliann Jeffrey (34:00), Alyssa Diggs (65:00), Amanda Frisbie (81:00)
Laguna Hills Eclipse Select Black (CA-S) 5, BVSC Stars Mallorca 91-92 (KS) 2
Goal Scorers: Laguna: Gabrielle Arganda (12:00), Amanda Tafoya (23:00), Briana Campos (43:00), Jordan Marada (70:00), Shelby Chambers-Garcia (90:00)
BVSC: Frances Silva (20:00), Frances Silva (26:00)
Vardar (MI) 1, Ela Elite (IL) 0
Goal Scorers: Vardar: Kayla Mannino (73:00)

US Youth Soccer National League Standings as of December 7, 2008 [link]
For more information about the US Youth Soccer National League, including latest schedules, scores and more visit  


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