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Competitive Matches Showcased at Opening Day of US Youth Soccer National League Boys Games

December 11, 2008 09:00 PM

US Youth Soccer National League

Competitive Matches Showcased at Opening Day of US Youth Soccer National League Boys Games

Games held in conjunction with NCAA Men's College Cup
Scores and Standings [link]
DALLAS, Texas (December 11, 2008) – The Under-15, Under-16 and Under-17 Boys kicked off US Youth Soccer National League play at the Ross Stewart Soccer Complex in Dallas, Texas, today. The League represents elite teams from across the nation in each respective age group.

New for the 2008-2009 season, the League's top talent is highlighted as games are held in conjunction with the NCAA Men's College Cup. Numerous college coaches are onsite and players will attend matches at the College Cup to experience the next level of play. 

Jack Boselli, FC Delco head coach, said, "National League is a great opportunity because you are playing against the top eight teams of the top teams the country. It is a privilege to be part of it and it is a goal of every team that is playing at the premier level." FC Delco (EPA) won today's match over CASL Elite (NC).

During the season, teams play a seven-game schedule facing each team within its age group one time. The League consists of six weekends of play, with the first two being held in conjunction with the Men's and Women's NCAA College Cup.

The top two teams, from each age group, advance to the US Youth Soccer National Championships, and the top four teams, from each age group, secure a spot to return to National League play the following season.

Baltimore Casa Mia Bays 94 (MD) faced the Grand Rapids Crew Juniors – Bergsma from Michigan. The fast paced match ended in a 1:1 standoff. The Crew's Jason Stacy scored in the 29th and Matthew Shinsky matched their point in the 48th.

The local Solar Red 94 (NTX) won their first game of the season over the Michigan Jaguars, 1:0. Solar's John Vinson won the game with a late goal in the 79th.

In the high scoring TFC 94 (NTX) versus Sockers FC Chicago (IL), TFC's Edward Puskarich earned a hat trick with goals in the 11th, 52nd and 59th. At the half, the Sockers were up 2:1, after two goals from Tom Arns, (15:00) (25:00). In the second half, the TFC kicked their game into the next gear. William Simonds scored in the 49th and Hayden Partain finished the game in the 65th. The TFC won, 5:2.

SCSA 93 Gold (NC) and Waza FC 94 Black (MI) tied, 1:1. Austin Yearwood put the SCSA on the board with an early goal in the 4th. Before the first half was over, Gino Pasquali tied the match in the 39th. In the second half, neither team was able to finish. The match ended, 1:1.

The Under-16 division ended the first day of play with two scoreless ties and two high scoring games. Both the KCFC Rangers 92-93 (KS) and Blast FC Red (OH-S) game and the Dallas Texans Red 93 – Dallas and the Chicago Fire Juniors (IL) game remained deadlocked in the final minute.
FC Delco (EPA) beat the CASL Elite (NC), 3:2. Both teams respect the other's talents and the game was well played. Connor Norat scored the first goal of the game in the 38th for Delco, but in the following two minutes CASL scored twice and took the lead with goals by Aaron White (39:00), Tyler Draovitch (40:00). Norat scored in the 63rd to tie the match and Delco's Michael Superdock finished the game with a goal in the 80th.
Spirit United Coppa 82's (EPA) Robert Friskey scored a 10th minute goal. GSA Phoenix (GA) evened the boards with a 31st minute shot from Ado Junuzovic. Matt Nagle put away back-to-back goals in the 62nd and 64th for a 3:1 GSA win. 

The Cobb FC and Manhattan Phoenix are in their second season of League play, and they know the competitive nature of the games. Both teams tried to put one away to take the lead, but the game ended 0:0.  
YMS Xplosion (EPA), veterans to the National League, had an early lead after a 4th minute Emmanuel Sanchez goal, but a minute later, Saad Abdul Salaam evened the score for Team Ohio. The game was tied until the 33rd when Collin Skelly netted one for YMS. The 3:1 YMS victory was finalized when Edward Adams scored in the 90th.

Slammers FC (CA-S) opened the game against Lower Merion Velez (EPA) with a 39th minute goal from Giovanni Mayarol. Play picked up late in the second half when Daniel Lovitz scored in the 74th. Slammers pulled ahead once again after a successful 78th minute shot from Kevin Kiser. Jonathan Dolezal hit the equalizer for Merion in the 88th, for the 2:2 tie.
The Dallas Texans - Houston 92 Red (STX) made their debut in the League with a 2:0 victory over Santa Clara Sporting 91 (CA-N). A 20th minute goal from Andre Wade gave the Texans an early lead, and a 78th minute shot from his teammate solidified the win.

National League action continues Friday at the Ross Stewart Soccer Complex with games at 10 a.m., noon  and 2 p.m. For a complete schedule of games, click here.

US Youth Soccer National League Results
Thursday, December 11
Under-15 Results:
Baltimore Casa Mia Bays 94 (MD) 1, Grand Rapids Crew Juniors-Bergsma (MI) 1
Goal Scorers: Bays: Matthew Shinsky (48:00)
Crew: Jason Stacy (29:00)
Solar Red 94 (NTX) 1, Michigan Jaguars (MI) 0
Goal Scorers: Solar: John Vinson (79:00)
TFC 94 (NTX) 5, Sockers FC Chicago (IL) 2
Goal Scorers: TFC: Edward Puskarich (11:00), William Simonds (49:00), Edward Puskarich (52:00), Edward Puskarich (59:00), Hayden Partain (65:00)
Sockers: Tom Arns (15:00) (25:00)
SCSA 93 Gold (NC) 1, Waza FC 94 Black (MI) 1
Goal Scorers: SCSA: Austin Yearwood (4:00)
Waza: Gino Pasquali (39:00)

Under-16 Results:
GSA 93 Phoenix Red (GA) 3, Spirit United Coppa 82 (EPA) 1
Goal Scorers: GSA: Ado Junuzovic (31:00), Matt Nagle (62:00) (64:00)
Spirit: Robert Friskey (10:00)
KCFC Rangers 92-93 (KS) 0, Blast FC Red (OH-S) 0
FC Delco (EPA) 3, CASL Elite (NC) 2
Goal Scorers: Delco: Connor Norat (38:00) (63:00), Michael Superdock (80:00)
CASL: Aaron White (39:00), Tyler Draovitch (40:00)
Dallas Texans Red 93 - Dallas (NTX) 0, Chicago Fire Juniors (IL) 0
Under-17 Results:
Cobb FC (GA) 0, Manhattan Phoenix (ENY) 0
YMS Xplosion (EPA) 3, Team Ohio (OH-S) 1
Goal Scorers: YMS: Emmanuel Sanchez (4:00), Collin Skelly (33:00), Edward Adams (90:00)
Ohio: Saad Abdul Salaam (5:00)
Dallas Texans-Houston Division 92 Red (STX) 2, Santa Clara Sporting 91 (CA-N) 0
Goal Scorers: Texans: Andre Wade (20:00), Player Unknown (78:00)
Lower Merion Soccer Club Velez (EPA) 2, Slammers FC (CA-S) 2
Goal Scorers: Velez: Daniel Lovitz (74:00), Jonathan Dolezal (88:00)
Slammers: Giovanni Mayarol (39:00), Kevin Kiser (78:00)

Under-15 Upcoming Matches:
Friday, December 12 | Ross Stewart Soccer Complex       
  Home Visitor Field
10 a.m. Michigan Jaguars (MI) v Baltimore Casa Mia Bays '94 (MD) 1
10 a.m. Sockers FC Chicago (IL) v Solar Red 94 (NTX) 2
10 a.m. Waza FC '94 Black (MI) v TFC 94 (NTX) 3
10 a.m. Grand Rapids Crew Juniors-Bergsma (MI) v SCSA 93 Gold (NC) 4

Under-16 Upcoming Matches:
Friday, December 12 | Ross Stewart Soccer Complex
  Home Visitor Field
12 p.m. Blast FC Red (OHS) v 92 CASL Elite (NC) 1
12 p.m. Spirit United Coppa 82 (EPA) v Dallas Texans Red 93 - Dallas (NTX) 2
2 p.m. Chicago Fire Jrs (IL) v GSA 93 Phoenix Red (GA) 4
2 p.m. FC Delco (EPA) v KCFC Rangers 92-93 (KS) 3

Under-17 Upcoming Matches:
Friday, December 12 | Ross Stewart Soccer Complex
Home Visitor Field
12 p.m. Manhattan Phoenix (ENY) v YMS Xplosion (EPA) 3
12 p.m. Team Ohio (OHS) v Cobb FC (GA) 4
2 p.m. Slammers FC (CAS) v Dallas Texans-Houston Division 92 Red (STX) 2
2 p.m. Santa Clara Sporting 91 (CAN) v Lower Merion Soccer Club Velez (EPA) 1

For more information about the US Youth Soccer National League, including latest schedules, scores and more visit


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About US Youth Soccer National League
- Formed in 2007, the US Youth Soccer National League was developed as a path of advancement for the top teams from the US Youth Soccer Regional Leagues. In addition to meaningful matches, development and identification, the league created a direct path to the annual US Youth Soccer National Championships.  League play features the Under-15, Under-16 and Under-17 age groups for boys and girls who are seeking to advance their college, professional and U.S. National Team aspirations.  Learn more at /National_League/.



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