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First Weekend of Boys US Youth Soccer National League Play Concludes

December 13, 2008 09:00 PM
Dallas Texans – Houston Division remains undefeated
Scores and Standings [link]

DALLAS, Texas (Sunday, December 14, 2008)
– After four days of play, the US Youth Soccer National League Under-15 through Under-17 Boys have solidified their standings until they meet again Feb. 27- March 1 in Atlanta, Ga. where they will continue competing for their ticket to the 2009 US Youth Soccer National Championships in Lancaster, Mass.
The Dallas Texans – Houston Division and the YSM Xplosion remain undefeated after four games. The Dallas Texans – Houston Division hasn't allowed a single goal against them.
Teams have the opportunity to attend the NCAA College Cup final today and many coaches are looking forward to this opportunity. All of the Division I college coaches that have been scouting during the weekend are looking for players that will improve their teams and take them to the championship game.
"In the end, I couldn't feel better in terms of the competition and what this thing is all about. These are the best teams in the country and you get to measure yourself against them. It is incredibly important. We leave here with great experience and also with great insight in terms of what is happening throughout the country," GSA 93 Phoenix Red head coach Nuno Piteira said. "The combination of between what we are doing here with National League and also going out to see the big boys play [NCAA College Cup] has been outstanding."

Waza FC '94 Black (MI) looked to give the Baltimore Casa Mia Bays (MD) their first loss of the young season today.  Michael Gamble's goal in the 44th, his fourth of the season, looked to be the game winner for the Bays despite several scoring chances for Waza including a few that hit the crossbar or post.  In the 62nd, Waza's Jacob Flanigan scored to tie, 1:1.  Today's tie gives the Bays eight points and Waza six.

The Grand Rapids Crew Juniors-Bergsma (MI) beat the Solar Red 94 (NTX), 3:1. Jason Stacy put the Crew on the board in the 25th. The Crew's Joe Sweet scored off a corner in the 33rd. Solar moved against the wind in the 39th and Karl deZoeten scored. To further solidify the Crew's win, Stacy scored his second goal in the 59th.
The Michigan Jaguars and TFC 94 (NTX) tied, 2:2. TFC's Edgar Hernandez scored the first in the 11th, his second goal of the tournament. John DeLeon then put the Jaguars up 2:1 after goals in the 26th and 31st. In the 59th, Javier Padilla tied the game for the TFC.
SCSA 93 Gold (NC) started the scoring early with Roland Minogue's strike in the 4th against Sockers FC Chicago.  Austin Yearwood doubled the SCSA advantage in the 29th and teammate Kyle Parker added a third, four minutes later (33:00) to give SCSA the 3-0 win.  SCSA leave Dallas with seven points total and Sockers FC with zero. 

The Chicago Fire Juniors (IL) won 3:1 over the 92 CASL Elite (NC). The Fire now are placed fourth in the standings. CASL's Aaron White kicked off the game with a goal in the 33rd. In the second half, the Fire heated up. Jon Rosenbaum scored in the 44th. Shortly after, Tyler Gill put the Fire up one (49:00). In the 77th, Jacob Brindle secured the win.

Spirit United Coppa 92 (EPA) won their first match of the weekend over KCFC Rangers 92-93. Kevin Cantwell scored in the 24th.
The Under-16 Division finished the weekend with two 1:1 ties. Ohio South's Blast FC Red tied Georgia's GSA 93 Phoenix Red. Ado Junuzovic scored in the 29th for GSA and the Blast's Drew Pang finished the game with a last minute goal in the 80th.

The Dallas Texans Red 93 – Dallas remain first in the standings after tying the FC Delco Galaxy (EPA), 1:1. Bryan Zahner put the Texans up at the beginning of the second half (46:00). Michael Gonzalez tied the match in the 66th.

Santa Clara Sporting 91 (CA-N) came to their last game of the weekend needing to prove themselves. After three losses, Santa Clara beat Cobb FC (GA), 4:1. Santa Clara's Richard Osborne earned a hat trick with goals in the 45th, 56th and 75th. Cobb's Stephen Maxwell scored in the 68th, but they couldn't make enough headway. Arnold Lopez scored off a penalty kick in the 84th to put Santa Clara Sporting up, 4:1.

YMS Xplosion (EPA) entered today's match against Slammers FC (CAS) leading the league with 14 goals scored.  The Slammers took to the offensive first thanks to goals from Reed Williams (27:00) and Amilcar Oliveros (36:00).  The 2:0 advantage was wiped clean with two goals in the 78th from YMS' Emmanuel Sanchez and Brian Powers.  Jonathan Louisignau looked to have scored the game winner for YMS in the 81st until Kyle Ball's goal off a corner kick in stoppage time (90:00+) tied the game at 3:3. 
"We knew they were explosive," said Walid Khoury, Slammers FC head coach discussing YMS Xplosion.  "We scored two goals and held in the second half for 27 minutes and then three goals came in minutes.  I'm really proud of my boys for earning the tie.  That point could come back to be huge for us.  This game teaches kids to never give up regardless of circumstances."
The Dallas Texans-Houston Division 92 Red (STX) won their fourth game of the weekend against Manhattan Phoenix (ENY), 1:0. Daniel Cortez scored in the 73rd minute for the Texans. The Dallas Texans – Houston Division are the only team to remain both undefeated and not to allow a goal against them.

Voltaire Escalona scored in the 36th minute to give Lower Merion Soccer Club Velez (EPA) the win over Team Ohio (OH-S).

League play for the boys and girls picks back up Feb. 27–March 1, in Atlanta, Ga. For a complete list of play dates, click here.

US Youth Soccer National League Results
Sunday, December 14

Under-15 Results:
Waza FC 94 Black (MI) 1, Baltimore Casa Mia Bays '94 (MD) 1       
Goal Scorers: Waza: Jacob Flanigan (62:00)
Bays: Michael Gamble (44:00)
Grand Rapids Crew Juniors-Bergsma (MI) 3, Solar Red 94 (NTX) 1                      
Goal Scorers: Crew: Jason Stacy (25:00) (59:00), Joe Sweet (33:00)
Solar: Karl deZoeten (39:00)
Michigan Jaguars (MI) 2, TFC 94 (NTX) 2                                             &n​bsp;            
Goal Scorers: Jaguars: John DeLeon (26:00) (31:00)
TFC: Edgar Hernandez (11:00), Javier Padilla (59:00)
SCSA 93 Gold (NC) 3, Sockers FC Chicago (IL) 0
Goal Scorers: SCSA: Roland Minogue (4:00), Austin Yearwood (29:00), Kyle Parker (33:00)
Under-16 Results:
Blast FC Red (OH-S) 1, GSA 93 Phoenix Red (GA) 1                          ​  
Goal Scorers: Blast: Drew Pang (80:00)
GSA:  Ado Junuzovic (29:00)
Spirit United Coppa 92 (EPA) 1, KCFC Rangers 92-93 (KS) 0            
Goal Scorers: Spirit: Kevin Cantwell (24:00)
Chicago Fire Jrs (IL) 3, 92 CASL Elite (NC) 1                                        
Goal Scorers: Fire: Jon Rosenbaum (44:00), Tyler Gill (49:00), Jacob Brindle (77:00)
CASL: Aaron White (33:00)
FC Delco (EPA) 1, Dallas Texans Red 93 - Dallas (NTX) 1                             
Goal Scorers: Delco: Michael Gonzalez (66:00)
Texans: Bryan Zahner (46:00)

Under-17 Results:
Slammers FC (CA-S) 3, YMS Xplosion (EPA) 3                    
Goal Scorers: Slammers: Reed Williams (27:00), Amilcar Oliveros (36:00), Kyle Ball (90:00+)
YMS: Emmanuel Sanchez (78:00), Brian Powers (78:00), Jonathan Louisignau (81:00)
Santa Clara Sporting 91 (CA-N) 4, Cobb FC (GA) 1                                   
Goal Scorers: Sporting: Richard Osborne (45:00) (56:00) (75:00), Arnold Lopez (84:00) PK
Cobb: Stephen Maxwell (68:00)

Dallas Texans-Houston Division 92 Red (STX) 1, Manhattan Phoenix (ENY) 0
Goal Scorers: Texans: Daniel Cortez (73:00)
Lower Merion Soccer Club Velez (EPA) 1, Team Ohio (OH-S) 0
Goal Scorers: Velez: Voltaire Escalona (36:00)
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