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2009 Kohl’s US Youth Soccer American Cup Schedule Announced

January 11, 2009 09:00 PM

Kohl's US Youth Soccer American Cup

2009 Kohl's American Cup Schedule [link]
Tour covered over 38,000 miles last year

FRISCO, Texas (January 12, 2009) – US Youth Soccer today announced the 2009 schedule for the highly successful Kohl's US Youth Soccer American Cup.  The largest recreational soccer tournament in the nation will be held in over 70 locations, featuring Kohl's American Cup elements (tents, banners, premium items) and in most locations, the Kohl's American Cup Soccer Experience Vehicle.

"Kohl's US Youth Soccer American Cup creates a fun, family-like atmosphere for thousands of recreational soccer players and their families across the country and Kohl's is proud of our partnership of such a quality program and organization," said Brian Beitler, senior vice president of marketing for Kohl's.

The 2009 Kohl's American Cup Tour will kickoff in Muskogee, Okla., Feb. 28 – March 1 and feature one of two Soccer Experience Vehicles. These vehicles come complete with three larger-than-life inflatable soccer games and numerous prizes and souvenirs for participants and their families.  

In 2008, Soccer Experience Vehicles 1 and 2 covered over 38,000 miles. After the kickoff event in Okla., Vehicle 2 will travel to south Texas and Vehicle 1 will make its first appearance in Fla.

"We are excited to launch another successful year of the Kohl's US Youth Soccer American Cup and further the experience with even more events scheduled," said Jim Cosgrove, executive director of US Youth Soccer. "US Youth Soccer has an excellent, long-running partnership with Kohl's and we are pleased to carry on this great program for our recreational members that highlights the many benefits of our sport, specifically fun and fair play."

It is the Kohl's American Cup philosophy that all players should receive equal opportunities and benefits within their level of play. All players have the right to participate in competitions where they can develop and exhibit their skills while enjoying themselves. Kohl's American Cup provides recreational players this unforgettable opportunity and places emphasis on participation, as opposed to competition.

Upcoming Kohl's American Cup events are scheduled for March 7-8 in Portland, Texas and March 14-15, in Harlingen, Texas and Boca Raton, Fla.

For a complete list of 2009 Kohl's American Cups please visit or /programs/AmericanCup.asp.  


About Kohl's US Youth Soccer American Cup – The largest recreational youth soccer tournament in the United States and boasts more than 65,000 participants and 160,000 attendees annually since its inception in 2000. US Youth Soccer's 55 State Associations provide youth soccer players an opportunity to experience a high-quality statewide tournament in a fun, festival-like atmosphere.
Media Request: When referring to the Kohl's US Youth Soccer American Cup, please refer to the program only as the Kohl's US Youth Soccer American Cup in first reference and Kohl's American Cup in subsequent references. We appreciate your cooperation.

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