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US Youth Soccer Partners with Soccer America to Highlight Programs

January 26, 2009 09:00 PM
Nation's largest youth sports organization to work with most recognized American soccer magazine

FRISCO, Texas (January 27, 2009) – US Youth Soccer is partnering with Soccer America magazine to expand the reach of the organization's programs and the coverage of the world's game. This marks the first time that the nation's largest youth sports organization, with over three million registered players ages five to 19, has partnered with Soccer America.
Soccer America was founded in 1971 and is the leading soccer communications company in the country. Soccer America members, in addition to the magazine, receive more than 20 e-newsletters weekly covering all aspects of American and international soccer in a variety of forms.   
As part of the relationship, US Youth Soccer will receive a full-page advertisement in each issue of Soccer America., the organization's web site, will highlight Soccer America coverage at all levels including US Youth Soccer programs. A free, three-month membership offer to US Youth Soccer members will be announced shortly and each US Youth Soccer State Association Technical Director will receive a complimentary subscription to Soccer America.     
"Soccer America continues to be the most popular and recognized soccer publication in America and we are excited to be working with them. Our partnership will increase the visibility of US Youth Soccer to Soccer America's audience and further highlight the game to our members," said Jim Cosgrove, US Youth Soccer's executive director.
Soccer America articles featuring youth, collegiate and professional soccer as well as in-depth features will be accessible on and US Youth Soccer Kwik Kicks and US Youth Soccer Coaches Connection e-newsletters. Soccer America will also receive advertisements, banners and the opportunity for onsite display and sampling at the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series and US Youth Soccer adidas Workshop, and access to other US Youth Soccer programs including Youth Soccer Month.
"Soccer America is proud to partner with US Youth Soccer," said Paul Kennedy, editor in chief and general manager. "Its wide-spreading programs and benefits support our mission to serve our core audience, families actively participating in soccer. Like Soccer America, US Youth Soccer serves as a model for its longstanding support for American soccer and the diverse opportunities it offers for American soccer's future role models."
For more about US Youth Soccer and its programs and partnerships, go to For more information about Soccer America please visit


About the United States Youth Soccer Association (US Youth Soccer) – US Youth Soccer - The Game for ALL Kids!® is the largest youth sports organization in the country and largest member of the United States Soccer Federation, the governing body of soccer in the United States. US Youth Soccer registers more than 3.2 million players annually, ages 5 to 19, and over 900,000 administrators, coaches and volunteers in 55 member state associations. US Youth Soccer programs provide a fun, safe and healthy environment for players at every level of the game.  For more information, visit
Media Request:  When referring to the United States Youth Soccer Association, the largest youth sports organization in the United States, please refer to the association only as US Youth Soccer, and never as USYS or USYSA.  We appreciate your cooperation.
About Soccer America - Soccer America was founded in 1971 and is the leading soccer communications company in the country. It was named one of 50 best magazines in the country by the Chicago Tribune in 2003 and has expanded to offer innovative coverage of soccer through its family of e-newsletters. Soccer America members receive each week more than 20 e-newsletters, covering all aspects of American and international soccer in a variety of forms. Its youth e-newsletters offer news, analysis, instruction and commentary on the most vibrant segment of American soccer, the youth game.



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