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Voting Now Open for 2008 US Youth Soccer Goal and Save of the Year

February 1, 2009 09:00 PM
Winners receive national recognition at the Awards Gala
Vote Here: /workshop/goalandsaveoftheyearvoting.asp

FRISCO, Texas (February 2, 2009) – Beginning today and going through February 27, visitors to can vote for the 2008 Goal and Save of the Year. 

View the nominees on the Video Player to watch the Top 10 and pick your favorite via the online poll. Winners will be announced March 6 at the US Youth Soccer Awards Gala in San Jose, Calif., held in conjunction with the US Youth Soccer adidas Workshop.

2008 Goal of the Year Nominees

Vote Feb. 2-27, 2009
Marcus Curaca
U-16 Arlington Venom (VA)
Tyler Draovitch
U-16 92 CASL Elite (NC)
Kacy Dunn
U-14 California Odyssey Red (CA-N)
Laura Heyboer
U-19 Force FC (MI)
Whitney Hooper  
U-19 Challenge 89 (STX)
Amy Johnson
U-14 Crossfire Lombard (WA)    
Katelyn Mountjoy
U-14 Dallas Sting 95 Royal (NTX)
Heather Nelson
U-15 KCFC Intensity (KS)
Brandon Perez 
U-16 Dallas Texans 93 Red (NTX)  
Emmanuel Sanchez
U-17 YMS Xplosion (EPA)

2008 Save of the Year Nominees
Vote Feb. 2-27, 2009
Michael Baron
U-16 FC Delco Galaxy (EPA)
Ryan Brose
U-17 Concorde Fire South (GA)
Brock Duckworth
U-19 Solar 89 (NTX)
Bryane Heaberlin
U-16 Clearwater Soccer Club (FL)
Robert Kempf
U-18 Shattuck St. Mary (MN)
Dana Moreno
U-16 Real So Cal White (CA-S)
Katie Richmond
U-15 So Cal Blues-Dodge (CA-S)
Courtney Smith
U-18 Sting 90 (NTX)
Christopher Soukup
U-16 Loudoun 92 White- Force (VA)
Paul West
U-16 92 CASL Elite (NC)

Voting is limited to IP address and will not permit unlimited voting.

Think you are a contender for the 2009 Goal or Save of the Year? Get your video cameras rolling and send your entries to US Youth Soccer! Deadline for entry is December 31, 2009. For the short entry form, click one of the following: Save.

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