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Game One Report: US Youth Soccer ODP Boys 1993 Region I

February 17, 2009 09:00 PM
We played our first game of the trip this morning against Quilmes, a local team about 45 minutes from the capital. 
The game was played in warm, humid conditions but we were spared the strong sun of the previous two days. 
We started in a 4-4-2 and made a positive start to the game when Cole DeNormandie (MA) pounced on ball that failed to clear, followed by a right wing cross from Eric Bird (VA) and put us ahead after barely two minutes. The field was dry and bumpy but we were able to establish several good crossing situations on our left side and we had the better of the early stages. We went 2-0 up in the 17th minute when Zach Batteer (PAW) drove home a penalty following a handball close to the goal line. 
After taking the lead the heat seemed to begin to take its toll and we began to tire significantly. Quilmes began to settle into the game. Predictably, they were very technical and moved the ball well on the tricky surface and we began to get stretched out defensively. 
Our fatigue and concentration cost us dearly as we conceded two quick goals, one either side of half time, and the momentum of the game swung away from us. 
In the second half, we a hard time establishing consistent rhythm in our passing and our turnovers kept us on the back foot defensively. However, we almost got the go-ahead goal on an excellent breakaway from Dan Metzger (NJ), who cut across the top of the box and fired the ball just over the goal.

Quilmes grew in confidence as the game wore on and they brought a couple of very good saves out of Tyler Miller (NJ) in goal. Three minutes from time Quilmes punished us for some defensive confusion and fired in the winning goal from close range. 
We felt that the 3-2 final score was a fair result, but also believed that we were capable of winning the game. Quilmes handled the conditions better and was good in the attacking third, but we felt that we were our own worst enemies at times and we will work on keeping the ball and not getting caught in transition. 
Overall it was a good experience for the players and I think it gave them a good idea of the quality of play we can expect to face in the other games in Argentina. 
Lineup: Tyler Miller (NJ), Eric Bird (VA), Kyler Sullivan (VA), Tim Parker (E-NY), Mark Liebensperger (PA-W), Stefan Defregger (NH), Cody Albrecht (MD), KJ Hall (DE), Drew Klingenberg (PA-W), Cole DeNormandie (MA), Zach Batteer (PA-W) 
Subs: Dan Metzger (NJ), Gio Esposito (NJ), Ryan Tauss (E-NY), Will Hare (VA), Zander El-Hindi (NY-W) 
Tomorrow we play Rosario Select. 
Hasta Manana,




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