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Game One Report: US Youth Soccer ODP Boys 1993 Region III

February 17, 2009 09:00 PM
Sagrado Select scored off a penalty kick in the 50th minute. Dominic Bonilla scored both of Region III's goals and as assisted by Jonathan Ray and Walker Zimmerman. Today's game was a good start for Region III in the very hot conditions. Region III dominated play other than a few chances they created in the second half. On Wednesday, Region III makes up their game against Estudiantes.

Starting lineup:
Goalkeeper – Matthew Pacifici
Defenders – Walker Zimmerman, Chandler Gagnon, Matthew Brown, Darvin Ebanks
Midfielders – Bryce Follensbee, Samuel Coleman, Kevin Pahl, Jonathan Ray
Forwards – Hector Vega, Dominic Bonilla



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