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Game Three Report: US Youth Soccer ODP Boys 1993 Region III

February 19, 2009 09:00 PM
Region III 1, Argentinos Juniors 1
Our goal was scored in the 7th minute by Iain Smith, after he won the ball from the defender and slotted the keeper (unassisted). Their goal was three minutes later from a corner kick and a rebound. Kevin Pahl hit the post at the very last minute to almost win the game.
It was a very good display this morning, especially after the hard fought game last night. The players really stepped up today and played well as a team.

Goal: Michael Trebilcock
Defenders: Walker Zimmerman, Samuel Coleman, Matthew Brown and Adam Stroup
Midfield: Jonathan Ray, Ammon Lakip, Kevin Pahl and Seth Prieto
Forwards: Erik Suarez and Iain Smith
Reserves who played: Matthew Pacifci (goal), Bryce Follensbee(for Suarez), Darvin Ebanks (for Prieto), Dominic Bonilla (for Pahl), Hector Vega (for Smith)




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