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NL: GSA, Texans out to prove their worth

February 25, 2009 09:00 PM
A berth in the US Youth Soccer National Championships could be on the line when the under-16 boys' club soccer teams from GSA 93 Phoenix Red (Ga.) and Dallas Texans Red 93 (Texas) meet Saturday afternoon in Marietta, Ga.
But that's nothing new for these US Youth Soccer Region III rivals.
The last time these teams squared off, the Texans won 3-0 in the 2008 regional final to earn a spot in the national championships.
Saturday's meeting, part of the US Youth Soccer National League, is not quite as dire. In fact, regardless of the result, it is possible both teams could secure national championship spots this weekend, and if not, they still could advance through the more traditional route by winning the state and regional tournaments this summer.



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